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Main Street Theater is back! After a year of virtual performances, Main Street has stepped back onto the stage with “Junie B.’s Essential Survival Guide to School” at the MECA at TBH. Adapted from the beloved children’s book series “Junie B. Jones” by Barbara Park, Main Street has put together a show that is a hoot for both children and adults.

“We are so excited to be back in the theater creating with our incredible artists and preparing for the excitement of our younger patrons,” said Vivienne M. St. John, Main Street Theater for Youth artistic director. “Junie’s spunkiness and energy make this perfect show for our re-opening!”

Great for kids, relatable for adults

“Junie B.’s Essential Survival Guide to School” is a fun little play about Junie’s big idea to write a survival guide about “everything everyone would ever need to know about anything!” 

Junie reaches for stardom with the help of her classmates as they come up with ideas for what they should put into the guide. The problem is that Junie’s frenemy May keeps getting in the way, and her classmates seem to have a bunch of ideas while Junie can barely come up with one.

Junie B. is a great story for kids around kindergarten age, filled with a colorful and diverse cast who make every child feel included on the stage. Junie B. teaches kids the importance of saying sorry, respecting your classmates and understanding that you don’t have to know everything because we all have areas where we can improve.

“This story is a relatable portrayal of how kids see the world,” said actress Sloane Teagle during an interview. “We all, at some point in our youth — maybe even in our adult lives — thought we had the answers to everything. This story explores discovering that life is a journey and it’s important to learn as you go, and that’s what makes life so much fun!”

It’s a story that’s surprisingly relevant to adults too, with lessons about being a team player, controlling your temper and figuring out how to collaborate with people you don’t like — which is something I think we can all relate to. Adults are likely to enjoy the show almost as much as the kids, with small jokes and puns that will make every parent in-the-know giggle at least a little. 

At the very least, Junie will entertain the kids with vibrant and exciting dance routines and musical numbers while the adults will be filled with nostalgic memories from their own first-grade experiences. If you ever had a childhood dream of burying a bad report card or calling your frenemy a cow, you’ll enjoy the show.

Prior Junie B. knowledge not necessary

While many of us have fond memories of reading Junie B. as a kid, having prior knowledge of the series isn’t necessary to have a good time watching Main Street’s adaption. Between the 26 musical numbers — some of my favorites including El Toro Fabuloso and Dear May — and Junie B. pouring spaghetti on her classmate’s head, audiences will be more than entertained by this spitfire’s shenanigans.

“I think both kids and adults are going to love this show,” said lead actress Megan Jankovic. “The writers and production team have done an awesome job of making this play entertaining for everyone, so I hope everyone will come with an open heart and be ready for some belly laughs!”

How to watch 

Junie is here on weekends through August 1, so be sure to check it out before the final curtain call. All tickets are on sale via phone at 713-524-6706 or online at their website. Tickets are $20-$28, group rates are available and no children under 3 are admitted in the theater — including sleeping babies, sorry little ones.

All performances will be held at MECA at TBH, 333 S. Jensen Dr., Houston, TX  77003. Students may be able to get discounted tickets, so make sure to call and find out what deals Main Street has to offer.

Photo courtesy of Blueprint Film Co.

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