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Being a college student is stressful. You have to juggle your social spheres, academic obligations and clubs. If you have a part time job, this balance becomes even harder to keep. Where is there time to sleep? To relax? What if you took on a few leadership roles in addition to these already straining tasks? It...

Students need time to relax during the fall semester, so why do we have a spring break, but not a fall break?

There are two different, free events being held Thursday night. Go roller skate, watch a drag show, or both on campus.

If your heart is full of cougar pride, but your wallet is empty, and on top of all that you're still looking for a costume - we have you covered.

People go to grad school for a multitude of reasons, and many people choose to take a break between their undergraduate and graduate education. If you decide to pursue a master’s or doctorate, know that your age should not affect your choice.

Finding a roommate as a undergrad versus finding a roommate as a graduate student may seem similar, but different ages can mean different priorities. We compiled a list of things to consider when you start your search.

When people think of grad school they may think of online classes and a fast paced curriculum with no time for typical college activities. That doesn’t mean you can’t get involved on campus.

If you've been debating participating in the Coffee Crawl because you have to get specific drinks, we can help you decide whether it's worth it.

As Homecoming Week draws to a close, students enjoyed the carnival and haunted house that helped wrap up the events.

The great inflatable race may look easy and fun, but it can be a treacherous task made especially for the bravest of coogs.