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We’ve compiled a list of some of the most spine-tingling films known to man… plus a few light-hearted flicks if things get a little too intense.

Halloween comes every year, and without fail someone is always scrambling to put together a costume at the last minute. We made it easy for you this year with this list of last minute costumes.

Homecoming Week starts Monday and along with the Saturday game, there are many events to attend throughout the week.

If you're wondering what's happening with the Houston Astros, we got you. We broke down what's happening now for those who aren't tuned in to sports.

The Houston music scene rivals Austin's. Not as much in the festival circuit (although Astroworld exists) but in the genres Houston offers.

The Cougar spoof page @TheCrookedCougar, aims to make cougars laugh through an Onion-like collection of headlines on their Instagram account.

The album may not have been what many people were expecting because it shows a side of the rapper and singer that his singles don’t, a vulnerable side.

Houston is the fourth largest city in the world, and yet Houstonians always complain that there's nothing to do here. They're wrong.

Have you been to all the major museums and murals in Houston? Are those getting boring or simply not quirky enough for you? You're in luck.

There are pockets of culture everywhere you look in Houston. None may be stronger, or larger, than Houston’s Chinatown.