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What you missed at the So What?! Music Fest

What you missed on day 2 of the So What?! Music festival in Arlington.

A review of what you missed on day 1

Got any memorial weekend plans? Check out So What?!

Welcome to finals week. UH Get Involved has your back with activities and ways to relax.

Yes, you read that right. I have taken my perfectly good bluetooth keyboard and turned it into a typewriter cosplay.

Every Wednesday, the UH Wellness center will be hosting activities to help students relax, destress and feel closer to fellow Coogs.

La Porte Loses its Battleship. Where Will It Rest? 

Advice and tips to work through leaving a toxic relationship. Pain. Anger. Disappointment. All are valid feelings when someone goes through a breakup. But this isn’t any breakup. This is a breakup after being in a relationship that wasn’t the healthiest one. So, after leaving a “toxic” relationship, where does one...

“Crimes of the Heart” is a Pulitzer Prize-winning comedy that takes on some serious issues to make a thoughtful and entertaining show. The Alley Theatre’s performance of sisterhood through hardship is on point. Anyone with a sibling can relate to the rivalry, annoyance, and love between the three sisters. The...