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1) How much do you enjoy the outdoors?
A) I love it! I love exercising, eating and just doing everything outside if I could
B) On good days I’ll hang out outside just to chill and enjoy nature
C) It depends on the weather, it can’t be to hot or too cold
D) If something I want to do is outdoors I’ll go, but I feel indifferent about it
E) I hate the outdoors, not a fan

2) What kind of food experiences are you looking to have?
A) A wide spread of options is always nice, although sometimes I just like a home-cooked meal
B) Finger foods that are easy to eat while doing an activity
C) A sit down restaurant is always nice
D) I love the food from food trucks or drive through places that are quick and easy
E) I’m never too worried about food, I’ll eat anything

3) How spontaneous would you say you are?
A) I can go with the flow pretty easily, but I like some things planned out
B) I enjoy getting tickets and set times to go to things that I can add to a calendar
C) I like a loose schedule of how the day is going to go
D) I’m very spontaneous I will make plans the day of or the car ride there
E) If you say we’re leaving to go somewhere in ten minutes I’ll be ready in five

4) How do you usually get around Houston?
A) I walk or bike pretty much everywhere if I can
B) I use the Metro or ride the bus
C) I Uber if the place isn’t too far so I don’t pay for parking
D) I park somewhere and I walk the rest of the way
E) I drive pretty much everywhere

5) How much of Houston have you explored before?
A) I have pretty much figured out my way around the city, no GPS needed
B) I know Houston pretty well, but I’m still discovering different areas
C) I’ve heard about plenty of places, but haven’t been to them yet
D) I mostly know the popular attractions of the city, nothing local
E) I have never really been around more than one or two parts of Houston

6) When you have down time, what is something you enjoy doing?
A) Spending quality time with a friend or family member catching up
B) Watching TV or a movie
C) Drawing, painting, reading or other creative hobbies
D) Cooking or learning to make some new snack
E) Online shopping

7) What time of day is your favorite?
A) I really enjoy afternoon, maybe around lunch time
B) I am an evening person, about when the sun sets
C) I am definitely a morning person, starting the day early
D) There’s just something about the middle of the night…
E) When it first gets dark outside at night is my favorite


Mostly A’s: A picnic in Buffalo Bayou or Hermann Park with some friends, maybe even take some time to stroll around the trails or bring a bike to ride. After a picnic spread on the hill and taking in the scenery, take your blanket and stop by the Miller Outdoor Theater for a show.

Mostly B’s: A visit to the Houston Zoo during the day and exploring the city using the Metro rail system. The zoo is a fun way to start off a Houston day before hopping on the rail and exploring all the fun stops along the way. If you’re still feeling adventurous towards the end, see if you can catch a baseball game at Minute Maid Park.

Mostly C’s: Hop from exhibit to exhibit in the Museum District for a taste of culture and excitement. There are many galleries within the Houston area, including the Menil Collection, as well as the popular museums such as the Museum of Fine Arts that you can take the time to walk between and see all the exhibits. While in that area, feel free to check out a nice restaurant to have dinner at afterwards.

Mostly D’s: This is a sign you should explore the food truck options and nightlife near the Montrose area. Even if your goal is to get a dish from every food truck down Montrose, that can be a day in itself, and by the time you’re done, you can check out any of the thrift shops, tattoo parlors and nightlife scenes for some entertainment.

Mostly E’s: A good ol’ trip to the Galleria is in the cards for you. There is so much more to do there than just shop, like check out some of the restaurants, go ice skating at the rink, or check out the Fomo Factory and take lots of pictures. When all is done there, continue the fun by checking out some shops near River Oaks.

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