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If you’ve lived in Houston for a year or so, you know that seasons are theoretical in the Bayou city. This is particularly true about both spring and fall.

Since fall has technically begun, we have taken it upon ourselves to wrangle the difficult task of breaking down how to dress for this summer and winter mash-up, where the temperature may range from the 90s to 50s in a single day.


You can’t gives tips about dressing for various temperatures without saying “layers.’ But what does that look like? First you have to answer the question about the vibes you’re trying to give off. Do you want a Christian Girl Autumn or are you looking for a darker aesthetic like academia or alternative?

For those looking to do Christian Girl Autumn your layers may look like light colored cardigans, knit scarves and a pom-pom or wide brimmed hat. You may want to avoid those thick cozy sweaters until the highs are in the 70s.

If you’re looking for something more light or dark academia themed, blazers are going to be your most popular layer. Depending on the weather on that particular day, a short sleeved, or sleeveless turtleneck can tie the look together. Trousers are also a great gender fluid, breathable option for pants that can keep you warm but won’t cause you to sweat.

For a more alternative look, think black leather jacket and tights, and a skirt if you’re comfortable with them. If it gets too warm you can always take off the jacket and shoves those tights in your jacket pocket in the bathroom.


Boots will forever and always be a fall staple, especially in Houston where it rains every other day. Finding a boot that fits your style, is durable and timeless is so important for tying your fall looks together.

First, you have your classic knee high riding boot you see so many people wear in their pumpkin patch photos. Often brown, it feels like these boots will never leave us, for better or worse. If you can’t find a boot that fits your calves, you aren’t alone, and it may be easier to stick with a lower boot since many retailers charge extra for wide calf boots.

If you’re looking for a lower boot that is still akin to the vibes of those brown riding boots, Steve Madden has some fashionable booties that might do the trick.

Dr. Martens boots will always be cute when it comes to a darker fall look. Although the classic boot is the go to for many people, they have options that are less edgy for people who aren’t yet sure if that’s the look for them.

Where to look

The biggest problems with seasonal wardrobe changes is the expense and waste that comes with buying new clothes and throwing out old ones. For so many of these looks you can simply go to your nearest thrift store to find something in the realm, or, for the boots, buy good quality ones that last years to reduce waste.

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