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As the end of October comes around, Halloween gives us all a chance to think about what kind of candy we would be in a trick-or-treater’s bag. Sometimes we can be the king-size candy bar everyone’s favorite house on the block gives away, and sometimes we can be the toothbrush no one wants. I’m not going to call anyone a toothbrush… but take this quiz to find out what treat you resemble most.

Q1: How do you typically celebrate Halloween?
A. I like to stay in, I’m not really big on the holiday
B. I’ll hang out with my friends, but won’t go too big on the costume
C. I love to dress up in costume each year, no matter what plans I have
D. I am absolutely going out this year and living up the night
E. I need to do the whole thing, celebrate the entire Halloweekend, different costumes each day sort of deal

Q2: What type of foods do you usually go for?
A. I am a big fan of savory foods, I prefer meat groups and hearty meals more than snacks
B. I really like sweet foods more than anything, dessert is my favorite meal
C. There’s just something really great about sour foods that I love
D. I really love salty foods, like I would eat potato chips everyday if I could
E. I love anything with spice, so spicy food really does it for me

Q3: If you had to pick a dream vacation, where would you go?
A. A road trip somewhere in the United States
B. A cruise with stops in South American countries’ ports
C. The Bahamas or pretty much anywhere with a beach
D. Backpacking around Europe and sightseeing
E. Japan during cherry blossom season or Dubai

Q4: How much do you know about astrology?
A. Literally do not know what that is or what mine is
B. I know my big three, but I don’t know what they mean
C. I have been told my sun sign but that is it
D. I know my chart and what it all means
E. I can tell you what the planets, elements, houses all mean for my chart and yours

Q5: If you were drinking a beverage with dinner, what would it be?
A. I love a good glass of milk with my meal
B. I’m good with most sodas, coke products and whatnot
C. I really like lemonade with the right kind of food
D. I prefer just getting a water, I want to focus on the food more
E. I love a good sweet tea with dinner

If You Mostly Got…
A’s: Popcorn Ball/Caramel Apple: While you aren’t the most traditional candy one gets while trick or treating, you have your own style and way you like to go about things. You also have a reserved fashion about you that you understand about yourself more than anyone else could.

B’s: Chocolate Candy: You go great by yourself, with other things and basically in whatever
style you like. You are very adaptable and enjoy a lot of the finer things in life. You are definitely the reliable friend in the group that everyone can count on.

C’s: Sour Candy: There is always something going on in your life that seems interesting or chaotic to an outsider’s eyes. You like to keep things fresh and live a little on the wild side. You’re blunt and mostly to the point, but that’s what others find endearing about you.

D’s: Gummy Candy: You are a mix of things and people will sometimes find it difficult to nail you down and label you. You have a wide scale of interests that is kind of hard to narrow down and there is no way you are fitting into a box anyone tries to put you in.

E’s: Fruity Candy: The outspoken and always fun one of the group, you bring a light that no one else can. You are energetic and animated, you perform when you tell a story. Entertainment is your strong suit and you are a people pleaser.

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