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I have a strange relationship with my hair. It is fine (as in not thick), but plentiful. An absolute dream when seeing complex dyes or treatments, but give me a middle part in direct sunlight and it looks like I’ve gone through a dread shed. The stark contrast between my nearly black natural color and my super pale flesh doesn’t help matters either. Like I said, fine but plentiful, my strength and my weakness. 

My hair is healthy, shiny, and strong. I put in minimal effort into its maintenance, and I’ll often walk out of the house without even having to brush it. However, this is a nightmare when styling. No ponytail will stay, no matter how tight. Buns have an expiration date, braids unravel, and curls will only stay under the strongest heat and with a pound of hairspray. But I’m not the biggest fan of heat…at all. I’m likely to karate-chop you if you even come near me with a flat iron…but I love curls. So, of course I was excited when I saw this weird-looking hair noodle online, advertising perfect heatless curls. 

I’m sure you could make this at home, but you could also give $8 to Bezos, $3 to Shein, $16 to Walmart or $1 to AliExpress if you aren’t the craftiest (no shame, I definitely ordered mine online). 

Photo from Amazon

The instructions are clear enough, stating you should use it on damp hair, or use it and try to add moisture with a spray bottle. I opted for the spray bottle method.

Photo by Cynthia Isabel Zelaya Ordonez

Coiling was a little difficult, and I had to try a couple times in order to get everything even and tight rough. It’s funny, the final result had me looking like a discount version of Cinderella’s stepmother. 

Photo by Cynthia Isabel Zelaya Ordonez

Lastly, I added the silky matching scrunchies to either side of the noodle, doing my best to hold my slippery hair in place. Then I removed the clip from the top of my head and attached it to the back of my head, holding both ends of the noodle together and away from my face. 

Photo by Cynthia Isabel Zelaya Ordonez

And now, all I had left to do was wait. I did some work, then some chores, then had lunch, all while I waited for my obnoxious hair to dry. As I felt it getting near dry, I changed into something cute before class and left early, intending to have a little photoshoot to show off my bouncy new curls. I kept the noodle in my hair until I was in the parking lot of the bookstore I wanted to use for the photos, then removed it and…

Bam! Curls! Much to my dismay, they started deflating almost immediately. I threw a bow on and ran inside, hoping to get at least one good shot before nature took over. Well…I got this:

Photo by Cynthia Isabel Zelaya Ordonez

Yeah….I know. By the time I got back to my car, my hair was back to its natural state of bleh. Maybe I should have used hair spray instead of water.

In conclusion, I’ll actually give this product four noodles out of five. Although it was a major fail for my hair type, I’m sure a large amount of the population will not have similar problems. At a price so low, I encourage you to try it. Who knows, my trash may be your treasure. 

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