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It can be difficult to connect with a partner if you can’t see them everyday. Whether it be a long distance relationship, conflicting schedules or anything in between, there are dozens of apps designed to help one reconnect with their partner.
These apps are designed to strengthen relationships and keep things fun. They also allow couples to discuss more serious topics that may need improvement in their relationship.

For couples who are in long distance relationships, or simply just want to spice up the energy with their partners, here are some tech-savvy apps created to improve the ways couples communicate with their significant others.

Advertised as “a private mobile space for two in love,” Between is a multi-faceted app designed to create a private space for couples “in love.” Some elements that stand out to me are being able to track important milestones through this app. Often, it can be difficult to keep up with anniversary dates, and this app makes it easy to keep up with everything “in between.”

This app allows couples to chat, share videos, photos and schedules. In a way, you create your own space with your partner designed just for the two of you.

The beauty behind this app is that it presents a platform for you and your partner to feel like you’re essentially dating each other again. Those “butterflies in your stomach” should never go away. If they do it’s ok, this is why this app is here.

Rebuilding any relationship takes time and dedication. Between offers a safe platform for couples to experience “all those feels” and it’s a beautiful feeling to experience when it’s shared with the right person.

I’m recently engaged, and I love the content in the Paired app. There are daily quizzes that you and your significant other can take and the answers are revealed once both people respond. Topics such as sex, family and friends and meaning and growth are all quizzes available on this app.

Paired allows you to keep track of your answers, which is helpful so you can reflect on the conversations you have with your significant other.

One important question to keep in mind with any relationship is “why are you together in the first place?” While using this app in my personal life, I began to walk down memory lane with my fiancé everyday. The quizzes in this app are so diverse that there are no limitations with what to chat about.

As humans, we’re constantly evolving through various chapters in our lives. From experience, I’ve been in a relationship for six years and I can truly say I’m constantly learning new things about my relationship during our time together.

With the help of Paired, you’ll be able to identify these elements, and it’s refreshing to chat with your partner in this app. Whether it’s old or new, enjoy the journey of building those deeper connections through enlightening conversations.

Advertised as “a space to grow your love story,” Tuned is a unique app because it’s designed like a mini social media platform for couples. You’re able to send gifs, highlights and love notes to your significant other. Tuned has amazing reviews and allows both partners to celebrate each other everyday.

This app also allows couples to share music playlists together for special occasions or just day to day activities.

One significant element about this app that I enjoy is how inclusive Tuned is with embracing queer couples. We all deserve to feel recognized with the person we love and it’s refreshing to see this within the platform.

Some people refer to Tuned as “a personal diary” for you and your significant other. Topics you can find in this app can be “who’s more romantic?” or “who’s more likely to hog the couch?” There’s a fine balance between spicy, salty and sweet in this app.

You may find that texting your spouse is just the same as talking to them on these apps, and that can be a very valid point. However, with their technology, they are all designed to embrace a deeper meaning with personal bonds.

Enjoy your partner with meaningful conversations this Valentine’s Day and allow yourself to feel more connected with the person you love.

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