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Not many comedians have had the year John Mulaney has had. In 2021 alone, Mulaney got out of rehab, got a divorce, had a baby and is now living with his girlfriend, Olivia Munn. 

On March 26, he took the Toyota Center change to share the hilarity of the few months he’s had, along with some of the lessons he learned.

Mulaney kicked off his show by acknowledging how chaotic his year had been and celebrating the birth of his son, Malcolm. He also began the show by reminding audience members how one of the first shows he headlined was in Houston. 

Analogies are common in comedy, but the one Mulaney chose to describe how his life has gone these past few years was… interesting, to say the least. 

Mulaney alluded to a news story where 100 monkeys died while being transplanted to a medical testing facility. 97 of the monkeys died on impact during a crash, but 3 monkeys escaped. So Mulaney said the last three monkeys were the last three bits of sanity he had left, and every time one of the monkeys was shot and euthanized, it was like a bit of his life collapsed too. 

As an avid Mulaney fan, this is one of the darker ways I’ve seen the comedian kick off his stand-up, so I knew off the bat, this show was not going to be like the others.

From there he transitioned to tell the story of his drug intervention, calling it a star-studded event with comedians like Seth Myers and Bill Hader, to Nick Kroll and Fred Armisen. An intervention he arrived two hours late to — cause he was picking up drugs and getting a haircut.

Each comedian took the time to show they were worried about Mulaney and his addiction, to which Mulaney proceeded to respond with aggression and militancy.

Mulaney had a way during this show of making fun of a very, very serious situation. In retrospect, an intervention for a man who is heavily involved in cocaine, Xanax, Klonopin and many, many other drugs, is a serious matter.

From there he began to explain his experience in admitting himself to rehab, to which he arrived with a winter coat full of drugs. 

Nowadays, Mulaney is a well-known comedian. But when he was in rehab, no one recognized him — a hilarious, and humbling experience for Mulaney. 

He continued throughout his show to joke about his history of drug and alcohol abuse and some of his experiences with rehab, as well as making a few jokes about choosing which of your grandparents to kill. 

Needless to say, Mulaney has gotten darker, but also funnier. If this show hits Netflix, you should run to watch this as soon as you can. 

But for now, here’s a GQ story he did whilst high on cocaine, which Mulaney readout for the Toyota Center crowd to conclude his show. 

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