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Welcome to finals week. Congratulations on making it here alive. There’s only a week or two left to go and it’s going to feel like cramming a semester’s worth of material. Don’t lie, I know that’s what you’re about to do. And that can be beyond stressful! Lucky for you, UH Get Involved has your back. 

Multiple organizations at UH go out of their way during finals week to prepare activities and events for students. That’s where Get Involved comes in. 

Get Involved is a part of the university many of us are already familiar with, especially if you’ve ever wanted to join an organization or participate in an on-campus event. This time around, they organized Good Vibes Only in the Houston room, a two-hour event focused on crafts. 

The students were abnormally excited, with a line extending to the opposite side of the building long before the start of the event. 

As soon as the doors opened, students rushed the t-shirt stand, following Get Involved on social media before receiving their free gift. 

Photo by Cynthia Isabella Zelaya Ordoñez

Next, everyone went to choose a craft or two to work on at one of the many decorated tables set up around the ballroom. Coogs picked up some snacks and craft supplies, including a paper plate filled with paints they thought they would need. Students could choose between painting a rock, a canvas or a flower pot. 

I went ahead and grabbed materials to make one of each, for science. Then I sat down with a group of friendly fellow Coogs to work on my projects.

While we worked, Coog Radio kept the ambiance going with a mix of hits from today and deeper cuts from yesterday. On the other side of the ballroom, vendors had set up their wares. The DIY theme continues in the contents of the booths. Everything from original stickers to the cutest cottagecore crochet were on display. The prices were reasonable, perfectly staying within student budgets.

Photo by Cynthia Isabella Zelaya Ordoñez

All throughout the event, the ballroom was packed. Some crafted with their friends, others befriended those at their table. Students laughed as they got to know each other, some even exchanging social media information as they got up to leave.

Get Involved hosts a plethora of activities all throughout the semester, and there’s always a freebee or two for students to collect. Keep your eye on your newsletters or follow Get Involved on Social media to learn more.

@cynthia_zelaya _ | Executive Editor 2022-2023 | Assistant Editor 2021-2022

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