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Fresh from their Tony wins, SIX traveled to Houston and gave audiences an entertaining, educational and empowerful night to remember.

Between the sparkling costumes and interactions with the audience, viewers of the show are immersed in an 80-minute musical with multiple elements to keep everyone entertained. 

The opening number, “Ex-Wives,” introduces each of the queens and how they died, essentially setting up the plot of the rest of the show.

The first of the individual queen’s songs, “No Way” started the storytelling in the best way possible: flashy lighting and over-the-top riffs. Gerianne Pérez gave this song her all and showed the audience just how extravagant and powerful the rest of the show would be.

Next up is “Don’t Lose Your Head,” the song I heard four years ago that got me into SIX. Anne Boleyn is portrayed as the most immature of the group and Zan Berbue’s version of Boleyn seemed more childish than necessary. That being said, I loved seeing the song finally come to life after all these years and was mostly satisfied.

Amina Faye as Jane Seymour is everything I’ve ever wanted and more, and now I’m dying for a recording featuring her.. Her song, “Heart of Stone,” is one of the more emotional ballads in the show and Faye brought tears to my eyes with her powerful rendition of it.

Full of German accents and neon costumes, “Haus of Holbein” is a comedic filler that leaves audiences laughing after the somber song right before it.

Tercia Marie plays the powerful Anna of Cleves, giving audiences the wealthy queen who doesn’t let men tell her what to do. “Get Down” is the song everyone needs to remind themselves that they don’t need to rely on anyone 

I was most excited for “All You Wanna Do,” the most informative yet sensual song in the show, but was the most let down by this one. This song is the longest one in the show at just under seven minutes, meaning it takes a lot of energy and breath power to perfectly complete it.

Aline Mayagoitia seemed to be holding back and losing her breath when singing this song, refraining from fully hitting some of the notes in Katherine Howard’s iconic song. Mayagoitia did, however, do a fantastic job at bringing Howard’s empowered attitude to life.

Sydney Parra sings the last of the individual songs, “I Don’t Need Your Love,” bringing a dramatic and beautiful end to the six stories we’ve heard.

Closing the show with “Six,” we learn about what the queen’s lives would have been like if they weren’t subjected to being married to Henry VIII. A quick encore with “MegaSix” combines each of the queen’s parts into one, being the perfect closer to the show.

The dialogue in between songs was a genius combination of history, one-liners and political innuendos sure to entertain the audience. SIX is running at The Hobby Center until Nov. 20, with tickets starting at $35.

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