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If you’ve been wondering whether or not to apply to grad school, here is a checklist for the steps needed to apply at The University of Houston.

1) Start an application through the ApplyWeb website at UH. To start an application, you must create an account. Creating an account will allow you to view anything needed from your part post-submission. There is also a separate application for those applying to a professional program such as law or nursing.

2) Choose the program for which you want to submit your application. Depending on the program of your choice, there could be other requirements needed for the application process. You can check the program’s website for more information. https://www.uh.edu/graduate-school/admissions/#1

3) Submit transcripts. Must be scanned copies of official transcripts. They can be uploaded as PDF files. You cannot enroll after acceptance without the official transcripts.

4) Submit test scores. (GRE, GMAT, etc) are sent directly from the testing agency. Check the program’s website for the test requirements. The code for the University of Huston is 6870 when reporting scores.

5) Submit the required documents. Such documents are:

·   Letter(s) of recommendation. Which will be gathered electronically. You provide the emails of your references.

·   Personal statement. Requirements are different depending on the program.

·   Resume. Requirements depend on the program applying to.

·   Additional/Supplemental materials. A portfolio, writing sample, etc. Depending on the program applying to.

6) Submit your application. Application fees are $50 for domestic applicants, $80 for international, and $25 for non-degree programs (certificate-based). There are some limited fee waivers available. Check the program for eligibility requirements.

How to Apply – University of Houston (uh.edu)

For Melissa Nieto, a former grad student at UH pursuing a master of public administration (MPA program), the hardest part of applying to grad school was taking the GRE exam. She knows many students prepare for the test by getting tutoring, but as a mom, she had no time to truly invest in tutoring. But on one lucky day, she found a waiver, allowing her to bypass the entire GRE. However, she still submitted a writing sample. 

“I got extremely lucky,” said Nieto. This was her chance to apply for grad school. She decided on the MPA program because she wants a degree with the flexibility of finding a job in anything outside of her current job. She aims to work in higher ed specialization, non-profit or as a public official. She currently works as a graduate advisor for the college of pharmacy while studying part-time.  

Nieto has been working at UH for five years. She began working as a graduate assistant, and has been since then promoted. Her current goal is to continue working as a staff member at UH while working her way up through promotion. Her advice for those considering grad school is

“Do your research on the program you’re interested in, talk to any current students on the program and reach out to alumni or even faculty in the program. Look at the program requirements. Is there a thesis? Know what you’re getting yourself into. Don’t rush, take your time. Set realistic expectations/goals, because it can easily lead to burnout.” 

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