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Love and Fitness

Beauty + Style  /   /  By Maria Godinez

The beautiful thing about celebrating St Valentine’s is that it’s not just about celebrating love amongst couples, but also your own self-love. Your acknowledgment of love within you despite your flaws.

Many times, when talking about ways to express love from within, people automatically think about self-care days. Although self-care days filled with things like relaxing on a rainy night and watching movies brings us comfort, another way to increase self-love is through fitness. Regardless of how you choose to engage, fitness offers you an opportunity to challenge your body and show you what things you physically are capable of with both discipline and love.

Love and discipline

When you continuously keep up with your fitness goals, whether it is hitting the gym four times a day or running 20 minutes a week, these goals are set as a form of both discipline and love.

Love through discipline is shown by showing up for yourself and accomplishing your physical goals for the week. Discipline is the days that you don’t feel like going, but still show up, knowing you feel 10 times better after a good workout.

Although you won’t see change overnight, results won’t happen unless you continuously keep up with it. Keeping up with those goals may not be easy, but through discipline and self-love, you are able to accomplish those smaller steps toward a bigger picture to grow into the best version of yourself. Fitness

teaches you self-love because you are evolving into someone who prioritizes themselves and their health. You learn to balance your me-time in the gym and other responsibilities that allow you to have energy and a clear vision of your day ahead.

Love and routine

As you continue your fitness journey and grow to love your gains, fitness transmutes into a routine that you enjoy. It allows you to find a better balance between work and your hobbies. When you enjoy the things you do, it becomes easier to tackle your goals. It’s also easier to learn to be organized, focused and determined.

Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, organizing what days you’re working out and creating a split routine help teach discipline. Maybe Monday is glutes and legs, while Tuesday is chest and biceps. By becoming more organized, you become both more focused and determined to attack the day ahead, knowing what things you need to get done beforehand.

The love within yourself grows as you set up a specific time from your day to push yourself and follow through with your goals in your fitness journey. Each day will begin to count, and you will grow to love your clear vision of your purpose.

Love and community

Whether you just began your fitness journey or have many years of experience, it’s inevitable you find a community to connect and grow with. In a fitness community, you are able to network with other people with similar goals or journeys as you. You may also make life-long friends that can also help keep you accountable.

It’s easy to start off very anxious about what others may think, especially as a beginner. But everyone else was once in your place and is able to give you feedback on anything you need to improve on. Even those that are years deep into their fitness journey are still able to benefit from their community. They can expand their group of fitness friends and also be exposed to new opportunities for personal growth.

A fitness community can also provide you with the opportunity to connect with people of different experiences and opinions. Many people end up falling so in love with their fitness growth that they decide to follow a career or certification in teaching it. Although this doesn’t apply to everyone, you could one day run into a potential client or opportunity that can help expand your own career and love for fitness.

Whether you are just getting started or not, there is a community in the fitness world that can help you find platonic love amongst people who want to grow like yourself.

Love and fun

At the end of the day, what matters in your fitness journey is that you’re having fun with it. You are getting creative as the days and years pass by with your workouts and physical activities to avoid a plateau.

Plateau happens after any physical activity when little to no growth is happening. This happens when your muscles are used to the same routine and you are not progressively changing the intensity or/and volume of your workouts.

Loving yourself through fitness can be so much fun when you create an environment in which you are not limited in ways you can physically challenge your body. Finding fun ways to challenge your body allows you to connect to your own authenticity and self-love. You can express your creative side when planning your next workout, maybe by adding a new movement or workout that you’re not typically used to. Either way, you know you will enjoy a good challenge.

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