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Bollywood is best known for its captivating love stories. However, many of the movies feature beautiful songs that are captivating and portray beautiful storytelling. Along with that, each music video tells a beautiful story of two lovers at certain points in their relationships. Here is a list of my top love songs.

Tum Se Hi

Tum Se Hi is featured in one of the most romantic Bollywood movies, Jab We Met. This song centers upon Aditya and Geet who are both separated against their will. This song features Aditya’s perspective as he imagines Geet is still with him while he returns to his life without her.

Tujh Me Rabh Dikhta Hai

This song shows off a beautiful display of love as Suri tries to woo Taani by taking her to beautiful sites in India. He proclaims song “I see God in you” to show how much he loves her and wants her to be his.

You Are My Soniya

In this song, Rohan professes his love to Poo in front of a large audience, effectively ending their animosity against each other. If you want to look at some cute Y2K outfits and dance to a more upbeat song, this is for you.

Kiska Hai Ye Tumko Intezaar Main Hoon Na

This song portrays Ram falling in love with his new environment and friends as he adjusts to his life serving as an undercover agent. He realizes his role as a guardian amongst his fellow students.


In the song, Kabir feels regretful that he didn’t choose Naina over his career after he suddenly crosses paths with her at a wedding. This song is monumental as Kabir finally realizes that Naina is the love of his life. 

Many of these Bollywood songs emphasize romantic love, however, there are a variety of Bollywood movies that celebrate different types of love like familial love and brotherly love. Many also emphasize the power of friendship. There are a variety of Bollywood movies that focus on many different types of love and relationships, and I think that is the beauty of Bollywood. It allows us to use these amazing songs in a variety of contexts and celebrate whomever we love during the Valentine season.

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