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When you walk by the tallest building on campus or the newest building created for students, ever wonder, what housing has to be like for our fellow cougars? Well here’s an opportunity to settle your curiosity. 

Moody Towers

Let’s start with the first dormitory created, Moody Towers. Moody was opened in 1970. It was named after William Lewis Moody Jr. and his wife, Libbie Shearn. The dormitory stands 239 feet tall, giving it the best view. Especially if you want to see downtown Houston, with the lights illuminating at night. Moody towers residence has mostly incoming freshmen. However, you don’t have to be a freshman to live there. If you want to keep extra change in your pockets this is the place to be. 

Moody Towers may be cheap but it’s cheap for a reason here are some reasons you might consider or even reconsider living there. According to a fellow Coog, “Catherine,” a resident studying English, says the best part about the towers is the views. The tallest building on campus. You have the option to live alone and or choose your roommate. Living alone might be preferable for most students because the super singles have full-size beds. If you’re hungry and don’t want to spend money or drive anywhere to find food, you’re in luck. Right underneath you on the first floor is the largest dining hall on campus. Unfortunately with pros, there are cons, and Moody has a few. Like most buildings on campus, the elevators will sometimes test your patience. If you’re ever in a rush, don’t wait for the elevators because they’re usually inoperable. The stairs will be your best bet. 

Another reason to not stay there is because of the shared bathroom. 

And then there’s the roommate situation. Although roommates aren’t necessarily a con when you get to choose them, make sure you keep in mind who you choose. 

The worst part about Moody Towers is the laundry room. It’s all the way on the 18th floor, so be prepared to take the elevator or stairs. My suggestion, go to a laundromat and save the possible workout you’ll have to endure. 

The Quads

The Quads are a newly built, apartment-like residences that have replaced the five housing complexes built in the 1950’s. Although The Quads are a fairly new residence on campus, the place still has many downsides. Not sure why this is a common problem, but once again, the elevators. 

Another fellow Coog, “Cory,” had a few things to say about The Quad.

 “The elevators, especially for disabled people, are not useful. It sucks because they have no other access to going to their rooms,” he said. There are infrastructures that have not been fixed for quite some time, and it remains covered with trash bags and caution tape. It has been like that for a few months. Some insects creep inside, and no pest control to keep them out.

 Although students don’t have a roommate the walls in the room are not soundproof and you can hear in between rooms. Talk about a lack of privacy. It isn’t all that bad at the Quads though. Even though you share a bathroom, you get your own private room and a common living area. If you desire solitude you have the option to live in a single-bedroom unit. The Quads are also equipped with a gym facility, four multi-purpose rooms, and 13 study rooms. Don’t want to spend money eating out, there are also lounges downstairs with built-in kitchens. Not only are The Quads newly furnished, but they also have an amazing view. Living at The Quads would probably be better to stay at than Moody Towers, in my opinion. 

Wherever you desire to live just make sure you’re prepared for the bad and grateful for the good. Feel free to explore all of the on-campus options available to you, as there are only two of them. And wherever you end up, be sure to make it feel like home. 

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