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Houston is one of the largest cities with a massive population that boasts some of the most diverse neighborhoods in the country. With so many people around, it’s no surprise that Houston enjoys a dynamic and lively nightlife as well as a robust music scene.

Music has been a part of Houston’s history for decades. The city is home to Sugar Hill, the oldest recording studio in the nation. Beyond this impressive feat, Houston’s music scene has cultivated countless class acts from being a hub of Zydeco and “chopped-n-screwed” to raising some of today’s top names in music. Looking at you Beyonce and Megan Thee Stallion.

Today, Houstonians don’t have to look far for their next concert or live music outing. Here are just a few of the impressive concert venues available in Houston.

White Oak Music Hall

This venue has been around since 2017 and hosts an abundance of live music events. From EDM parties to chill evening vibe sessions, there is always something new to discover weekly.

It has a very strong indie presence, but hip-hop and other genres are hosted here as well. The venue is small but has a very spacious outdoor seating area and balcony access. It’s a versatile space, fitting for the many acts that come through.

713 Music Hall

This newcomer is already establishing itself with locals as a fan favorite. Holding its grand opening in 2021, LiveNation’s newest concert venue sits atop the historic site of the Barbara Jordan Post Office.

The concert hall is in downtown Houston, nestled within a larger complex that hosts a wide variety of events from free dance classes to farmer’s markets. This makes it the perfect spot for an all-day music session.

Stereo Live

Stereo Live is home to a plethora of EDM and electronic acts. But that by no means is the only genre of music offered.

The hall itself may be a bit tight, but when lit up and filled with the energy of dozens, no one will go home disappointed.


Cle is on the upscale end of things. Located in midtown, this club offers some live music events.

While this suggestion leans more into the nightlife side of music, people who are looking to have this kind of music experience should give this spot, and its party bus, a try for a good time out.

The House of Blues

What is an article about Houston’s music scene without mentioning the iconic House of Blues? This venue is a fan-favorite for people who love good food and even better music.

As the name implies, this venue is known as a hub for R&B and hip-hop concerts but also hosts some rock and indie artists. This spot sports a full restaurant and bar that will serve you delicious soul food
and drinks to keep you energized and happy all night long.

Grooves of Houston

Like the House of Blues, the Grooves of Houston is a lively bar and restaurant that hosts live music. People looking to vibe out with chill R&B or hip-hop can take advantage of the live offerings here.

Those who are into reggae and Afrobeats can also find events tailored toward them here. There are also Latin nights held every so often.

While this list might not have covered everything in detail, it is a great starting point for anyone looking to learn more about the music offerings in Houston and cool places to hang out with fellow music lovers.

This is not an exhaustive list of what kinds of shows are offered in any venue, just a generalization of what each might be a bit more well-known for. Each venue has a decent mix of artists and genres. As with most things, getting out there and talking to people who know each scene well will yield more specific results. Good luck and happy listening!

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