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With school starting in a few days, students will start looking for their go-to study spots on campus.

However, study spots like the library and Cougar Grounds end up overcrowding easily as everyone agrees those are the best spots. With that in mind, here are some hidden places you might want to check out this semester.

Roy G. Cullen Building

As the oldest building on campus, one might think this place is a little outdated. However, with its recent renovations, Roy G. Cullen has gained a modernized look from its foundation in 1938.

The Creative Writing Center on the second floor offers a great place for students to get help with their work and study at the same time. It also has a comfy seat! 

 “You know I know aliens exist?” said incoming graduate student Alex Sauceda. “Because of that soft ass cloud disguised as a love seat on the second floor of new Cullen.”

Honors Computer Lab

The Honors Computer Lab is by far one of the most hidden gems in the library.

Stashed away on the right side of the library, around 20 Apple desktops sit waiting to be used. Commonly used by Honors students, it’s rarely full as only 700 students make up the Honors College. If you could find a way to get in, take advantage of the quietness this space provides.

Patches of Grass

Although Houston’s temperature has been hitting the triple digits lately, consider studying outside on a patch of grass when the air feels a little cooler.

Spots in between Cougar Village 1 and the Ezekiel Cullen building offer a lot of room to set a blanket down and pull out your laptop or even a book to get your studying done.

Valenti Computer Lab

On the second floor of the Valenti building, there’s a room of computers and classrooms that not many students know of.

The Valenti Computer Lab is a nice place to get your work done with minimal distractions and quiet peace of mind. It’s usually filled with only a few students so don’t worry about it getting crowded!

Third Floor Elgin Garage

Now, a garage might seem like an odd place to study, but on the third floor of Elgin Garage’s lobby, there are comfy seats and tables for students to lounge on.

The lobby is built like a cute, modern coffee shop but without the coffee! Another nice thing about Elgin is that it also has bathrooms, unlike the Welcome Center Garage.

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