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The University of Houston is buzzing with Muslim students. If you’re anything like Mohammed Tazimuddin, you want to join an organization that will help you learn about business through the lens of Islam.

Tazimuddin as a senior studying accounting and entrepreneurship, saw the many organizations UH has to offer — but none quite fit this need.

Over the next few months, he gathered the people and the resources needed to found the Muslim Business Student Association. This organization teaches business in a halal or lawful manner.

MBSA aspires to create well-rounded individuals, leaders and professionals following the teachings of Islam.

“As a society today, we live under capitalism in the United States, and in the East is communism. But there’s a beauty within Islam… everything is fair,” Tazimuddin said. “Everything is equal.”

The team consists of Tazimuddin as president, Asad Qavi as vice president, Muhammad Shekhani as secretary of funds, Shahzaib Vohra as chief of operations and more. The organization worked endlessly over the summer to fundraise for the upcoming semester as it was starting fresh.

The Need

“When I first came to UH, I was looking for a business org I could fit into,” said Shekhani. “As a Muslim looking at these different orgs, I didn’t feel like I could fit into any. Hearing about this org automatically makes people feel welcome.”

Each board member emphasized they have their own reason for taking initiative.

“Seeking the lawful (wealth) is obligatory upon every Muslim,” Qavi said as a teaching from their mother learned from the prophet of Islam, Muhammad.

Determined to practice what Muhammad preached, Qavi joined MBSA to teach others Islam’s way of managing business and finance in a fair manner.

“For example, the consequences of riba (interest), scamming… we’re going against everything,” Qavi said. “We’re trying to teach how to do it all properly.”

The Goals

One of the organization’s goals is to teach Islam through what it tells us about righteous business, ethical business and moral business. As well as to establish leaders in the Muslim ummah or community, Vohra said.

Tazimuddin emphasizes the importance of strong, educated Muslim leaders. 

The group has its sights set on organizing social networking events and being involved in career fairs. It will also be providing interview, marketing as well as financial seminars year-round.

MBSA aims to become an official Bauer student organization. In order to qualify, it needs to be active for at least two semesters and consist of at least 60 percent business majors. The more people who join, the closer MBSA will be to reaching this goal.

Getting Involved

MBSA’s first general body meeting will be on Thursday, September 14. They encourage everyone to join regardless of major and religion.

The biggest event of the semester, “Quranic Vibes” is from October 13 to 15. The seminar, led by Shaykh Saad Tasleem, is a collaboration with the Al-Maghrib Institute and will take place in the Houston Room.

Stay up-to-date with the organization on Instagram, and keep an eye out for future events.

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