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‘Bottoms’ is a queer rom-com that takes inspiration from camp classics like ‘But I’m A Cheerleader,’ ‘D.E.B.S’ and ‘Bring It On.’

Joy in Film

Movies are a sense of escape for people, whether they are a film-connoisseur or just want to be entertained. Emma Seligman and her co-writer, Rachel Sennot created a world for adolescent queers to see themselves have spontaneous chaotic fun just because it’s exciting (in more ways than one, if you know, you know).

In the 2000s people got straight-to-DVD comedies, big-time blockbusters and even the network dramas during that era. These films were all a means of escape for the average person.

By the time the 2010s arrived, theaters were being littered with big-budget franchise films sucking a lot of the fun out of the movie-going experience. The 2020s are met with young filmmakers bringing joy, excitement and pleasure through films like ‘Everything, Everywhere, All At Once,’ ‘Barbie’ and now ‘Bottoms.’

Bottoms Plot

It follows childhood best friends, Josie and PJ, whose crushes on two cheerleaders desperately lead them to creating a fight club. Sennot along with her “ugly, untalented” co-star, Ayo Edebiri, have seemingly created a low-key queer universe. At least one of them, along with actors from other projects such as ‘Theater Camp’ and ‘I Use To Be Funny,’ etc. will cross paths in a mainly queer movie with mainly queer characters.

This movie has shenanigans, explosives, clever wit and, most importantly, strong queer relationships.

Queer Spaces

The disbandment of the LGBTQ Resource Center on campus came due to the recent Senate Bill 17. This restricts public universities from supporting their diverse student body, it’s important queer students still feel support, justification and safety.

The LGBTQ Resource Center provided a safe space for students and a found family amongst queer Cougars. I feel as though the director Seligman really focused on creating that feeling in the movie.

In an interview with Them Magazine, Seligman goes into depth about wanting to make a movie about queer people and not have their trauma be the plot.

“I want to keep telling queer and Jewish stories, and in genres we haven’t seen these stories in as much,” Seligman said.

As she displays a group of young girls figuring out their sexualities in a safe, family-like environment, she showcases this goal. ‘Bottoms’ will be available on digital streaming (Apple, Amazon, Google, etc.) on September 22.

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