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All photos by: Sydney Rose

Celebrating her debut album, superstar-in-the-making Reneé Rapp kicked off the Snow Hard Feelings tour at Bayou Music Center in Houston last Friday night.

Rapp has been rising to fame since her Broadway debut in Mean Girls in 2019, and her successful debut album ‘Snow Angel’ has garnered even more attention.

The openers, Towa Bird and Alexander 23, prepped the audience during their sets and introduced us to their music. Bird previously rocked with Olivia Rodrigo for her documentary.

Alexander is most known for his song “IDK You Yet,” which has nearly half a million streams on Spotify. Alexander 23 has production credits across Rapp’s latest album and acts as a co-collaborator.

Once Rapp came out and her set was revealed, we saw the concert centered around the seasons, with different backdrops and visuals used accordingly. The full setlist and respective seasons with each song represented is available, but this will cover the highlights.

A clear fan favorite, Rapp screamed the lyrics with the audience during “Poison Poison,” and we directed those words towards whomever wronged us in that moment.

Seeing “Colorado” live was one of the most freeing things I have experienced this year. It’s such a fun song to let loose to and Rapp acknowledged the crowd’s love for the song, encouraging everyone to join in.

Following that, she performed “Pretty Girls,” the second single from her album. I think it’s safe to say that every queer person in the room, myself included, will never recover from seeing Rapp sing about pretty girls.

One of my favorites, “I Hate Boston,” was so beautiful live. The build-up to the bridge was intense and Rapp’s raw emotion only added to the performance.

Rapp wrote “Gemini Moon” for me and me only, so her performing it right in front of me was therapeutic and heartbreaking at the same time.

I almost made it without crying, but “In The Kitchen” immediately broke me. Closing her show, Rapp performed her lead single and title track, “Snow Angel.” Seeing her sing such a powerful and moving song live was truly an out-of-body experience.

I’m continuously amazed by Rapp’s immense talent and after seeing her in the flesh, I have an even greater appreciation of her as a performer.

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