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So, you’re finally on campus at UH…now what? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our official itinerary for things to do in a week if you’re new to Houston. Call it a rite of passage and welcome to the city!


It’s Monday – what better way to start the week than getting ahead on your schoolwork at the MD Anderson Library? Located in the heart of the UH campus, this library is a hub for student academic activity during the week.

For the full student experience, study on the third floor with friends. However, this is a great way to get distracted talking and forget to actually study. Or, head into one of the private carrels on the upper floors for a more focused environment.

You can also schedule a study room if you’re looking for a space to work with some peers without the noise level of the open areas.


Now you’ve gotten ahead of your work for the week and have a little downtime. If you’re into thrifting, hit up Montrose District to bounce from store to store along Westheimer Rd.

We recommend Lo-Fi, City Vintage and Petty Cash for masculine dressing. Pavement, Lo-Fi and Leopard Lounge are great for feminine styles. For a bit of a further trek, Buffalo Exchange and the Goodwill in Montrose also have some great options.

If you’re looking for less “on the map” thrift stores, I recommend visiting Goodwill Outlets, Family Thrift Centers or Value Villages. Just know there are some decent ones not too far from UH that might be worth checking out.


We’re already halfway through the week! So proud of you – now buckle up, we have a big day today!

First, since you left campus yesterday, you’ll probably need to study hard this morning to get back on track. Check out Student Center South for lunch (personally, I love Mondo Subs – it’s pretty reasonably priced for decent sandwiches) and a study spot.

If you’re looking to work somewhere quiet, head upstairs and grab a chair. If you thrive in the buzz of campus life, grab a seat on the big staircase in the middle of the building and do your homework there. 

Still hungry? After your long morning of pursuing your academic career, stop by the A.D. Bruce Religion Center for free lunch, available almost every Wednesday. Just make sure you get your event pass ready to scan before coming. Last time I went they had options for different dietary needs, so it’s a good food choice for almost everyone.

Finally, once you’re burnt out from studying on campus, head to Agora in Montrose for belly dancing night which happens every Wednesday. Agora has one of the best atmospheres of all the coffee shops in Houston, and seeing the cafe transform into a dancing space every Wednesday night is super cool. Definitely hit this spot up at least once.


Thursday, if you’ve got some time in between studying and classes, head to one of the many museums in Houston – almost all of them have free admission on Thursdays.

My top recommendations are the Museum of Natural Science which is home to the fantastic Cockrell Butterfly Center, the Museum of Fine Arts, where you can find “The Corn Poppy,” the Menil Collection and the Contemporary Arts Museum where Ming Smith has a stunning exhibition on view until October.

Now head home and study for a bit before going to whatever random frat party you stumble upon on Instagram. You might not be a huge fan of that scene necessarily, but I do recommend going at least once in the name of the “college experience.” If you’re worried you won’t be comfortable in a Greek life environment, attending an event hosted by one of the many party groups for Houston college students like UHP, Secret Society, Deep Down South and others is a solid bet too.

NOTE: If you’re going anywhere where there will be substances, be of legal age. Go with friends and either A) a designated driver with enough room for everyone to have a car seat or B) fully charged phones so you can rideshare. I recommend sharing your locations with each other, keeping tabs on how much you and your friends are consuming (again 21+ only) and staying at least with one other person at all times.

Generally on nights out everyone stays safe, but when you’re first getting to college it’s easy to make little mistakes in safety that can put you or your friends in danger. Always go with your gut, keep each other safe and make good choices.


Happy Friday! You’ve been on lots of adventures, but you still need to check out Ben White’s Houston Shows Google Doc and head to a local concert. The majority of them are punk or hardcore, but there’s a fair amount of indie and alternative rock or pop as well.

There are tons of Houston-based bands who throw their own shows at venues like Bohemeo’s, The End, Super Happy Fun Land (my personal favorite) and the White Swan that are going on all the time amidst Houston’s underground music scene.

Sometimes bands will even host their own house show, which is always an insanely good time. Also, pour one out for the old venues House of J (which is hopefully on hiatus and will return in time) and Satellite (which is definitely a goner). Gone but never forgotten. RIP.


And you’ve officially made it to the weekend. Hopefully, you didn’t stay out too late, because today we’re driving to Galveston before dawn to catch sunrise on the beach.

Bring towels, water (you won’t believe how quickly you get dehydrated on the coast), good beach shoes and sunscreen if you plan to spend a bit of time on the beach after the sun comes up.

Remember to practice good beach safety and etiquette. No littering, please!


You made it through the week! Wasn’t that fun? Now, if I were you, I’d definitely be exhausted after all that, so use Sunday to catch up on sleep and studying.

Get ready for another great week in Houston. Have a great rest of your semester, and remember to check in with Cooglife for more suggestions on how to make the most of your school year!

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