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One of the most common phenomena every student experiences irrespective of their age is having a crush. It is a very interesting, heebie-jeebie feeling. Initially. 

The feeling starts really good when you get butterflies by seeing them and hearing their voice. Sometimes, even their presence makes you smile. It gets better when you both can feel the tension building and you know they reciprocate the feelings.

Or do they? 

This is when things start getting crazy. Now, they are giving you the infamous mixed signals.” Uncertainty is the worst feeling ever and mixed signals make it worse. I may or may not be speaking from personal experience.

But hey, I’ve got you covered. Let’s talk about 101 on how to deal with these mixed signals and help you not go insane:

Do Not Ask Reddit

This one is simply for your own benefit and mental health. People can write all kinds of negative, mean things and make you feel stupid for asking such questions.

A Reddit user asked a simple question about relationships and the number of negative comments they received is astonishing. Instead, reach out to a confidant or a close friend who will help you out without judging and give you actual advice. 

Ignore Them

Reciprocate what they make you feel. It might sound childish and revengeful but, it’s okay to give them a little taste of their own medicine. Ignore or ‘seenzone’ their text the way they did yours.

Don’t make the first move or try to start a conversation. Keep your answers as short and as direct as possible. Let them know that things between you don’t work according to them.

Share With A Friend

Getting mixed signals from someone you have a crush on can be a very distracting situation. The best way to get it out of your system is by talking with someone you trust and will listen to your rant with enthusiasm. Dealing with such situations alone can be difficult. It’s best to confide in someone close to you. 

Don’t Question Yourself

Situations like these may result in you questioning yourself. “Why me?” or “Is there something about me that they don’t like?” 

While it might be true that the person doesn’t like you because of your certain traits or habits, that’s on them. Not you. You should never question yourself. You should always be unapologetically yourself! The right person will like you for who you are! No one is worth making you feel bad about yourself.  

Distract Yourself

Distracting yourself from the thoughts of that person is probably one of the best ways to deal with your feelings. Well technically, you would be avoiding your feelings but this method works for the most.

Go after a forgotten hobby or take up a new interest. This will not only help you forget the hurtful feelings you were going through, but you might end up learning something new.

Accept And Move On

I understand that it’s easier said than done, however, it is the best remedy out there. The faster you accept and move on, the better your life and emotions will be. You will get a chance to work on yourself, accept yourself and in fact find the right person. 

I hope these tips help you out if you’re ever stuck in such a situation. Love yourself always no matter what!

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