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As we reach the halfway point of our fall semester, I wanted to share a couple of songs from my go-to study playlist. These songs can only be described as the necessary food for your brain as you motivate yourself to pull through for the wave of upcoming midterms.

  1. I Wanna Be Yours by Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys does a fantastic job with this song in capturing the perfect old-fashioned romance. Though a very sentimental piece with the imagery weaved intricately into each verse, the song will instantly pull you out of the writer’s block you may be having for an English class.

  1. From the Start by Laufey

This song is the definition of the ideal coffee shop music with the uplifting instrumentals in the background of Laufey’s beautiful and soothingly calm voice. The combination of her voice with the instrumentals is the perfect blend between timeless and contemporary, making any study experience much more enjoyable.

  1. Bookstore Girl by Charlie Burg

I don’t know about you, but this song screams Rory Gilmore and instantly puts me in the mood to study. It’s a very subtle yet pleasant song, utilizing somewhat LoFi music in the background with a little violin and soft vocals to create a cozy and comforting study environment. 

  1. mirrorball by Taylor Swift

Nothing is better than playing Folklore in the background before starting my organic chemistry study grind every morning. But if I had to choose one song that best accommodates my studying needs, it would have to be this song. The storytelling involved in the lyrics makes it easy to detach yourself from the world and focus on heavier content.  

  1. Drive by RIOPY

If you’re someone like me who sometimes struggles with concentrating with lyrical songs playing in the background, getting caught up on the words and losing focus instantly, this is the music for you. Listen to this instrumental music (for the best effect, on repeat) if you want to complete a task efficiently. The pace of each of the piano tunes may motivate you to work with the flow of the music, encouraging you to work quicker and focus better.  

  1. Say Yes to Heaven by Lana Del Rey

The playful lyrics combined with Lana’s magical voice can transport whatever stresses that midterm exams, papers or even assignment deadlines may be bringing you. The lyrics are reassuring and provide a spirited mood in light of stressful events.

  1. Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall

The uplifting and encouraging nature of this song definitely makes for a great way to pull someone out of a reading slump. This song is very upbeat and can motivate you to solve never-ending math problems without losing focus on the present.

  1. ceilings by Lizzy McAlpine

Though I’m sure you have some familiarity with this song as it was recently brought into TikTok trends, it is too good to leave out of this playlist. This song can really take you out of your own head for three minutes as you experience the lovely movie-like feel and calming vibes emanating from her vocals. 

  1. Falling Behind by Laufey

Students are no strangers to the idea of comparing themselves to one another. It’s always easier to think so and so’s got a better grade than me. This song reflects that very feeling and really helps reassure you even though you’re not alone with those thoughts, it’s always better to take a deeper look into your own personal progress rather than comparing yourself to the varying results of others.

  1. Inspiration by Florian Christl

This music definitely starts slow, but begins to pick up its pace towards the middle. The best way to describe this dramatic un-lyrical piece is in the name itself. These seven minutes of heaven on repeat can do wonders with concentration while studying whatever subject. It is captivating enough to keep you from falling asleep but enjoyable enough to make any dull reading a whimsical experience. 

  1. Rain sounds

If all else fails, and nothing seems to scratch that little itch in your brain to help you concentrate, and even music becomes distracting, what helps me the most is listening to peaceful rain sounds on Spotify or even YouTube. It’s the best way to cancel out any distracting noises and keeps you from getting side-tracked with any lyrics or tunes.

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