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Sofia Coppola is a well-known director of movies like ‘Lost in Translation’ and ‘Marie Antoinette.’ However, she outdid herself with her latest film, ‘Priscilla.’ 

From the color tone of the movie to the precise details of the fashion era, Coppola captured every aspect with minute precision. As much as the direction played a role in the success of the movie, the cast did their part incredibly well.

‘Priscilla’ tells the story from Elvis’s young wife’s point of view and concentrates on their intimate relationship based on the autobiography by Priscilla Beaulieu Presley.

The portrayal of Elvis Presley by Jacob Elordi is worth talking about. The resemblance between the two has been captured perfectly. At a certain point of time in the movie, viewers tend to forget that Elordi isn’t actually the King.

Elordi’s slouchy body language is flawless, and his use of Elvis’s voice gets him even closer to sounding like Presley. It is a true paradox.

Cailee Spaeny as Priscilla Presley couldn’t have been a more perfect choice. Priscilla Presley herself complimented Spaeny on her incredible performance.

Spaeny delivers a ground-breaking performance with her portrayal. You can see the 14-year-old girl grow up a little too early through her performance.

The infamous height difference between Elordi and Spaeny is a visual metaphor to emphasize the age difference Elvis and Priscilla had.

Elvis’s songs are not used in the movie due to copyright concerns, yet this restriction serves to highlight the viewpoint of the production. The King’s behavior takes center stage when his artistic abilities aren’t on the show. 

From ‘Priscilla’s view, Elvis started as the famous yet caring man towards the timid, young Priscilla. Towards the end it is evident that Elvis has become a prisoner of his own notoriety in addition to other things.

When Elvis is shot from behind during one of his innumerable Vegas performances, the audience realizes he has fallen victim to a trap, one that cannot be solved by the girl he imprisoned for providing what he truly believed to be love and who met a need.

His misfortune turns into Priscilla’s release. Coppola’s film thus ends on a note that is both unsettling and heartbreaking.

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