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UH has a variety of student organizations catering to the various skills and interests of its students. There are some widely popular organizations as well as those which are lesser known. 

If you’re someone who wants to go out of their way to stay unique and take the road less traveled, we have got you covered! Here is a list of 10 organizations you may have not known about.

Women in Cybersecurity

If you want to join a community that caters to one of the fastest-growing industries, you must join this organization. It was founded to have a platform where women from diverse academic backgrounds and cultures can come together to collaborate, exchange ideas and learn from each other.

With the percentage of women being so low in the cybersecurity field, this organization aims to help overcome this gap to provide resources, network opportunities and success!

Live Action Role Play at UH

Do you want to try something fun and new? Or, are you already into role play? Then Live Action Role Play at UH is the organization for you!

This organization is a LARP group that specializes and reaches out to multiple styles and organizations of play. There are options for medieval recreation, acting and creating characters or personas, exercising and numerous charitable acts.


Living on campus can sometimes become mundane and boring, especially for the incoming freshmen. If you relate with this feeling then Downtime is an organization that can help. 

Downtime is a student organization for those who want to make new friends during their downtime on campus. The organization hosts events for people who live on campus, are first-year students or for anyone who wants to have a fun social life.

Fashion and Business Organization

If your aesthetic is chic and you dress to impress, then the Fashion and Business Organisation is definitely something you should check out. FAB is a professional student organization linking students of all majors with a casual or professional interest in fashion to professionals and opportunities within the industry.

The purpose is to provide an outlet for students to explore the different opportunities within the fashion industry. With a strong emphasis on connecting the organization to the Houston fashion industry and beyond, FAB continues to create events, relationships and opportunities that showcase the diversity and application of fashion from a wide variety of perspectives.

Cougar Dancesport

Does music make you want to dance? Do you find yourself making movements when you’re standing idle? Check out Cougar Dancesport!

It is a registered student organization at UH that holds weekly classes to promote Ballroom and Latin Dancing while preparing its members for Collegiate, Regional and National competitions.

The current membership is $60 per person for a semester. Membership grants you access to all of the weekly classes during the semester as well as access to all workshops taught by USA DANCE instructors. The members are extremely friendly and you can join them to learn professional dance or just for fun!

Code Coogs

Computer Science is one of the upcoming and dynamic fields which has a wide variety of people from high schoolers to professionals working in it.

Code Coogs is a computer science organization, offering team projects where members work in collaboration to create meaningful projects, host workshops for web development and technical interview preparation. It also hosts biweekly coding competitions, gives out extra credit for some computer science classes and hosts fun social events such as painting, bowling, game nights and more.

At the end of every spring semester, the club hosts an end-of-the-year banquet to demonstrate the team projects to judges and celebrate its achievements.

Cards for Humanity

Cards for Humanity is a volunteer club where students meet once a month to create and design holiday cards for special occasions that will be delivered to local nursing homes. The members will also be able to earn volunteer hours for each card they create.

This is a perfect organization for those students who enjoy arts and crafts while helping others and making the less fortunate feel loved.

Out in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math at the University of Houston

oSTEM aims to empower LGBTQ+ students in STEM to succeed both academically and professionally while cultivating a community that values leadership, interpersonal relationships and advocacy. The core values revolve around integrity, intentionality, respect, passion and grit.

The organization understands the difficulties that come with careers in STEM while being part of the LGBTQ+ community, which is why it works to provide the tools, events, connections and advice for all members to succeed.

Animation Club

If you enjoy watching animations and always wondered if you could do the same as well, then join the Animation Club.

It is an organization focused on having a space for animators in Motion Design, 3D Animation and 2D Animation. Members can share their work, give and receive feedback, participate in creative challenges and collaborate with others for animation projects.

Photography Student Association of UH 

The Photography Student Association of UH is geared towards connecting photographers from all corners of the campus and of all majors! It is a diverse organization with people from different backgrounds, artists of different skill levels, people who enjoy analog and digital photography as well as those who love different styles of the art! 

You should definitely join this organization if you want to network, share your work or simply listen to others talk about photography.

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