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As a rom-com fanatic, “Anyone But You” is a throwback to a high school kind of romance but for adults. The movie is a good balance of cute, witty, bawdy and romance. 

Directed by Will Gluck and co-writer Ilana Wolper, the film is a loose adaptation of William Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing,” starring Glenn Powell as Ben and Sydney Sweeney as Bea.

The movie has a great pace from the very beginning. Even though it is predictable, there’s a sense of comfort and warmth during the entire movie. The star chemistry is absolutely charming and fits perfectly well together.

It’s a classic rom-com tale: two people have a meet-cute, instantly click, misunderstandings arise and a few years later destiny pushes them together to now begin the fake dating act. 

What sets this movie apart is how it is not just about romance. The film juggles comedy, romance and partial nudity well. It’s a universal movie with a blend of genuine and heart-warming comedic experiences. 

The storyline is not deep. If you’re looking for a deep, meaningful movie then this one isn’t for you. You can’t expect main leads to be attracted to red flags. Bea is not into morally grey men and Ben is not going to cheat on her. The movie is very simple, sweet and light-hearted. 

Talking about the main leads, amazing decision! Both the blondes are absolutely beautiful and charming. Personal bias towards Powell as he was swoon-worthy! Both of the actors had a bang on comedic timing and made the silliest, as well as the cheesiest instances, sound cute and made the viewers go, “Awww!”

From the bantering to the classic “Titanic” scene, the actors made the audience want that! It gives you the vibe of an old-school, 90s romantic comedy with a blend of modern quirkiness. If you’re someone who enjoys that, then this movie is the perfect fit. 

The movie was shot in Australia and the backdrops were cinematic in the sense that they make you want to book a ticket to Sydney (the city) right away! From outfits to the colors to blending the scenes with the backdrop felt so natural that you could imagine yourself in there. 

Spoiler alert: my favorite scene was the “unexpected, falling into the ocean from the yacht” date, at the Harbour Bridge. It was as cheesy as it could get but somehow magical too. There was something so poetic about the scene that it could not be expressed in words. It’s a “you had to be there,” kind of a moment.

Despite the amazing backdrops and chemistry, the movie for non-rom-com fanatics can be pretty average.

Another noticeable “weakness” of the movie is the number of extra characters. They were a little, if I may be bold enough to say, extra. They do bring a certain kind of comedy and well, nudity, to the screen but somehow not much progress or significance to the storyline.

Overall, I would recommend watching this movie at least once. It’s definitely a one-time watch. If you’re looking to lighten up a little and want to watch something warm, “Anyone But You” is the one for you!

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