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With the new year here, many people want to complete their resolutions, the biggest of them being working out. However, it can be hard to be consistent and stay motivated. That is why I am sharing with you the best workout songs that will guarantee you a burst of energy and give you the push you need. Find the full playlist here on Spotify

“Pump It” by Black Eyed Peas

Nothing will get you more pumped up to start your workout than “Pump It” by Black Eyed Peas. Whether you are doing Tabata or lifting weights, this song will definitely get you in the mood and motivate you as you “pump it louder.” The perfect soundtrack to start your workout, especially on days when you’d rather have a cheeseburger.

“Crazy in Love” by Beyonce ft. Jay-Z

Of course, I had to add Houston’s queen to the playlist. The iconic band instrumental in this song is enough to get you moving. Add Beyonce’s lyrical voice and Jay-Z’s rap and you have the perfect combination for the gym.

“God is a Dancer” by Tiesto ft. Mabel

This song from Dutch producer and DJ Tiesto is the ideal fast-paced electronic song for a workout session. English singer Mabel tells us to “keep that pace,” and “take it step by step.” Seems quite appropriate for the gym or for a quick morning run if you ask me.

“Work From Home” by Fifth Harmony ft. Ty Dolla $ign

Fifth Harmony might have split up but before doing so they left us this gem. As one of the most listened-to-pop songs from the 2010s, this catchy song will have you doing “work.”

“MIC Drop” by BTS ft. Steve Aoki

The South Korean boyband sensation shows us why they are so popular. The intensity of “MIC Drop” with its edgy beat and great rapping skills gives us a motivating track to “keep on runnin’ and runnin’.”  (P.S. do the choreo at your own risk).

“Don’t Stop The Music” by Rihanna

“Please don’t stop the music” because this workout just keeps getting better (and sweatier). Rihanna gives us another catchy song with great beats to exercise to. One of the iconic releases of the earlier 2000s, this song will leave you reminiscing about the past as you speed up the treadmill.

“La Romana” by Bad Bunny ft. El Alfa

Nothing says energy more than reggaeton and nobody is a bigger reggaeton artist than Bad Bunny. But what truly makes this a great workout tune is when it switches gears halfway and El Alfa comes in swinging. Don’t worry if you don’t understand what they are saying (neither do I and I know Spanish) but the beat and rapping will keep you pushing.

“10:35” by Tiesto ft. Tate McRae

Another one from DJ Tiesto this time accompanied by the current It-girl Tate McRae. Its dance beat will give you the extra strength needed just as you are about to throw in the towel. 

“Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor

“Eye of the Tiger” is THE motivating song. There is no way you can stay still once the iconic beat of this song starts playing. And if you pretend you are Rocky while listening to it, don’t worry your secret’s safe with me.

“Till I Collapse” by Eminem ft. Nate Dogg

The last song in this playlist plays like a pep talk by one of the most popular rappers, Eminem. Lyrics like “find that inner strength… get that motivation to not give up,” and “till my legs give out” will be the last push needed to cross that finish line.

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