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Have you recently acquired a boo and now you are worried about your plans for Valentine’s Day? This guide is made for you!

If you’re in a situationship, it’s normal to be concerned about Valentine’s Day plans, and a helpful guide on how to handle the situation could be just what you need. Here are a few ways you can survive a situationship on Valentine’s Day.

The Art of Ambiguity

One of the pros of being in a situationship is that you can be very spontaneous with it. There aren’t really any labels or ground rules so honestly, you have the freedom to do a lot of things that a traditional relationship does not entail. Being in a situationship means you can just go with the flow – no labels, no rules. It’s like having all the fun parts of a relationship – without the drama!

Communication Is Key

Now, you may have heard this a billion times but it’s only because it’s true. Being in a situationship is already confusing as it is. You should be sure to set your boundaries with your special one to avoid any awkward assumptions or expectations on the day of. Having this “relationship insurance” creates a more comfortable space for both parties.

Have a “Galentines” or “Palentines”

Don’t have a date? Don’t worry! Hosting a “Galentines” with your girlfriends or even a “Palentines” with your closest friends can help you bring together all the people you love in your life. Whether you’re rocking coordinated pink and red outfits at a fancy dinner or opting for takeout and romcoms in your comfiest pajamas, there’s no wrong way to celebrate. And for that extra touch of love, whip up some personalized Valentine’s Day cards – because who needs a significant other when you’ve got your besties?

To: Me, From: Me

Being in a situationship does not mean you have to have Valentine’s Day plans – and that’s okay! In its truest form, the holiday is a celebration of the people you love and who can love you more than you love yourself? Self-love is a very important thing to practice and a crucial characteristic to acquire, especially from a young age. 

By getting to know yourself and what you like, you can set better boundaries and have higher expectations that will come into play when you find yourself looking for a life-long partner. Now, go get yourself a box of chocolates, flowers and maybe even take yourself on a date – the choice is all yours and that’s the beauty of it.

Get Some Sweethearts (Situationship Version) 

Here’s your final dose of advice – proceed with caution, but keep it lighthearted! If you’re riding the situationship wave this Valentine’s, fear not, you are not alone. SweetHearts, the masterminds behind the classic candy hearts, has created a version that’s practically made for your situationship. It’s not just a gift; it’s a hilarious celebration, guaranteed to have you both laughing your hearts out this holiday!

We know this time of year can be very exciting for many but also stressful for a few. We hope that following this survival guide can help make it easier if you find yourself in a situationship. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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