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Marking her first album since 2021, Dallas native Kacey Musgraves released “Deeper Well” just in time for Spring. Making appearances in collaborations with artists like Zach Bryan and Noah Kahan in 2023, Musgraves has made her own return this year. With constant themes of personal growth and lyrics that depict the season’s nature-filled aura, “Deeper Well” is an intriguing yet fulfilling listen. 

Continuing to intertwine elements of country with guitar fingerpicking and the catchy melodies of a top-tier pop song, Musgraves reaches many audiences. The first track “Cardinal” starts with an upbeat tempo and her simple but profound lyricism takes over. Meshed in with the symbolic image of a red bird, the overlay of harmonies in the song’s bridge preludes the mystifying sound that lingers throughout the album. 

Following “Cardinal,” the previously released title track “Deeper Well” remains a fan favorite. “Deeper Well” exhibits the idea of letting go of things that conflict with reaching mental or emotional growth, yet another track that Musgraves has embedded with a positive message. Serving as a reminder that Musgraves’s discography is more than just heartbreak songs, “Deeper Well” is about self-love.

Contributing to the album’s consistency with the concepts of moving on and pushing forward through life’s circumstances, “Moving Out” carries the reminisce that follows a relationship change. Adding pieces to the puzzle by connecting lyrics from the song “Deeper Well,” Musgraves elaborates on her continuity skills in “Giver/Taker.” With a low guitar intro and a comforting build-up into the first verse, “Giver/Taker” exemplifies the solace found in Musgrave’s artistry.

Identifying as a ballad, “Dinner with Friends” tiptoes through the brain with the piano’s contribution. Further invoking the pure images that Musgraves delicately creates, “Dinner with Friends,” brings to the surface seemingly mundane moments that carry familiar pleasant feelings. Poetically divine, the song is the backbone of the album’s lyrical expertise.

Alluding to one of the many aspects of “Deeper Well,” the tenth track “The Architect,” hints at Musgraves’ question in the idea of God. Once again, showing the depth of Musgraves’ music, she grounds the song with her smooth voice. Bringing the energy back up, “Anime Eyes” encapsulates the feeling of falling in love. The theatrical outburst in the bridge and the lead-up to the last verse make the song feel like a movie.

Wrapping up the album and sending it off, “Nothing to be Scared Of” softly reclaims Musgraves’ lovey-dovey energy. While obtaining the ideas of allowing oneself to keep a positive attitude, putting the fear of change aside, and accepting love when it comes, Musgraves ends the album with a gentle reminder in this song.

Proving to be her best album yet, “Deeper Well” has continued to enamor fans with her prominent sound while elaborating on her mental, physical and spiritual growth. Spreading messages of hope and endurance through music is something Musgraves excels at. “Deeper Well” was far from a disappointment.

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