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Living away from home can be an eye-opening experience for university students. Many mixed emotions are present on move-in day when given a new, blank space. Here are 10 essentials that can improve organization, the overall experience of living on your own and representing your personality in unique ways!

LED Mirror

Lighting in dorms can differ due to the lightbulbs used and the atmosphere of the room you may be in. 

A good versatile LED mirror serves many benefits. It can help increase energy and mood by being illuminated in the early mornings. Most mirrors have the ability to adjust the brightness, allowing the mirrors to cater to your daily needs and environment.

Improved visibility is also a plus, and the lights are helpful for doing makeup, shaving or getting ready for a long day on campus.

Shower Caddy

A shower caddy is an important bathroom essential if you want to maintain organization and get the best out of a confined dorm bathroom.

Shower caddies can help save space in the shower, whether you dorm alone or live with a roommate. With all your personal belongings organized into one space, it also prevents lost or misplaced items.

Charging Station

A charging station can be essential for organization, minimizing wires being displayed and even the risk of not seeing them until it’s too late!

Charging stations can hold two to five items, depending on what you may have. By using one outlet instead of numerous for every item, or an extension cord (which are prohibited), the charging station can also be outlet efficient.

Tapestries and Posters

Who wouldn’t want to represent their true self while living in a home away from home? Tapestries and posters are a perfect way to show your personality, interests and even personal artwork.

The policy for dorms is to make sure these items are not hung up by the use of nails, screws or staples. Blue painter’s tape or 3M Command Strips are acceptable ways to display the decor. 

Streaming Device

While some of the dorm televisions are not “smart,” you can make them one by buying an outsourced extender to access your favorite TV shows.

The Amazon Firestick, Roku Stick and Apple TV are efficient ways to connect to your favorite streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu and hundreds more. 

These streaming services also include screen mirroring, allowing you to share your phone, tablet or laptop screen. 

You can even use gaming consoles such as the PlayStation 4 or 5, or the Xbox One to stream content.

First-Aid Kit

The thought of a first-aid kit may not immediately come to mind when moving into a new apartment; this is due to always having quick access to bandaids, gloves and more when living in a home with parents or guardians.

Not only is a first-aid kit essential for yourself, but it can serve as a crucial item for your roommate and neighbors.


Just like a first-aid kit, medicine is crucial to have in a dorm. You should aim to get medicine for every type of illness, even the ones that may be least expected.

If you have prescribed medication, be sure to switch where the medicine gets delivered; if it’s a pharmacy near your previous residence, switch it to a pharmacy near the University.

Water Filter

Filtering water can relieve the cost of buying water daily, or in big packages from the store, saving students lots of money. Filters can also give students improved water quality, essential for washing your face or hair.

Laundry Backpack

A laundry backpack is ideal for carrying large amounts of clothes from your dorm to the laundromat. Most have multi-functional sleeves and pockets that are great for storing preferred laundry detergent and fabric softeners. These roomy backpacks can also be used for carrying other items such as groceries, new clothes and small appliances.

Dry-Erase Board

Organization and time management are key in college! By having a dry-erase board, you can plan out your week, study times, what’s for dinner and more. It can also be used to coordinate messages or small reminders with your roommate.

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