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Whiskey Myers, the Texas natives hailing from Palestine, brought their signature southern rock and Texas twang to a euphoric crowd at Rodeo Houston on Monday night.

The energy crackled from the opening notes of ”The Wolf,” a slow-burning song that gradually escalated into a full-fledged sonic assault, setting the tone for a momentous evening.

This marked a special occasion for both the band and the Rodeo faithful. Whiskey Myers, seasoned veterans of countless stages, were finally gracing the coveted Rodeo Houston stage for the first time. They displayed a tight and focused performance, guitarists Cody Tate and John Jeffers emerging as the night’s stars when they wove their magic through fan favorites like “Gasoline” and “Frogman.”

But it wasn’t just the band’s energy that ignited the crowd. Whiskey Myers has a knack for weaving tales of everyday struggles and triumphs that resonate deeply with their Texas Audience. When the opening harmonica strains of “Broken Window Serenade” began, the entire stadium erupted in a thunderous roar, a collective voice joining the band in a singalong that echoed through NRG Stadium.

This wasn’t just a concert; it was a homecoming celebration of Texas music and the shared experiences that bind a community. Whiskey Myers, returning to their home state on the Rodeo Houston stage for the first time, proved their place among the Lone Star State’s musical royalty, delivering a performance that left the crowd wanting more.


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