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When we’re younger, we tend to wonder what we’ll be when we grow up. Yet, as the time comes when we actually have to choose, we might not have the answer.

Hopefully, this quiz can help you know what you should be when you grow up even though we already are grown ups! 

What’s your favorite subject?

A. History 

B. Science 

C. English 

D. Math 

What kind of kid were you in school?

A. Always raising their hand 

B. No time for partying, always studying 

C. Teacher’s pet 

D. Never shows up to class 

What were your grades like?

A. A’s and B’s

B. Straight A’s 

C. Only B’s 

D. Barely Passing 

What student organizations were you a part of?

A. Debate club 

B. Volunteering 

C. Student newspaper 

D. None 

What would your teachers say about you?

A. The #1 participator 

B. Always ready and prepared 

C. Caring and helpful to other student 

D. A pleasure to have in class, does not speak much

What is your ultimate dream in life?

A. Be the best of the best

B. Change the world 

C. Help others in whatever way you can 

D. Just live a happy life 


Mostly A’s:  Lawyer

You aim to dream big (and go through a few more years of school) if it means leaving an impact on the world and getting as much work done as possible.

Mostly B’s: Doctor

You take a task and stick to it no matter what, always having the best intentions. You want to help the world and you won’t stop until you get there.

Mostly C’s: Teacher

You want to shape the world and other people, having an influence in any way you can.

Mostly D’s: Accountant

You view things through a very specific lens that gives you a clear course through life.

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