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Photo by: Raphael Fernandez

Out of all the college campuses in Houston, UH has one of the most Houston-core places to have a photoshoot whether its professionally or just for your Instagram grid. Depending on your aesthetic or vibes, UH has several places on campus to achieve your photogenic goals.

Here are a few photo spots on-campus students should check out at least once!

Honors College Library Balcony

This place is on the second floor of the library, going up the stairs on your left when you enter the library. The Honors College has a little common room with a door leading out to the balcony with cute white chairs and tables. Sometimes it’s open, sometimes it’s not, but during the summertime or fresh into the fall semester this spot makes for a super cute area to take some sun-filled pictures. 

Reflection Pond

One of the more natural-esque areas of campus is located right in the Cullen Family Plaza in front of the Ezekiel W. Cullen building. This spot has been at UH for decades, with so many students deciding to take their graduation pictures in front of the fountains.

There are also some cute benches, grassy areas and it’s where two of the Cougar statues are located. This spot easily provides a multi-functional area to take some cute pictures!

Cullen Performance Hall

Another iconic place on campus to take photos is in front of the Cullen Performance Hall and at the end of the ‘U’ of University Drive. The Hall has a large UH sign that can be seen all the way from the entrance of the University, and there is a statue a little ways forward with the perfect background. 

The Nook Rooftop

After some renovations, The Nook has finally opened up its rooftop that is known for its aesthetic vibes, great food and enjoyable music.

The rooftop has several benches lining its perimeter with the center having faux green flooring. When the sun is shining, the area provides some cute, garden-y photos that will look perfect on the grid for a girl’s day out, or even a boy’s day out! 

Welcome Center Garage 5th Floor

Any garage will do, but the Welcome Center Garage rooftop on the staff side is usually empty depending on the time you get there. Early hours and late evenings are the best since it’s usually golden hour and cars have not filled in yet or have already left. It provides a nice view of downtown and the view of the sky as your background will do wonders.

Elgin Street Garage Pond

Now, this might be a little extremist suggestion but there’s a pond in front of the Elgin Street Garage that I think would be an amazing place for pictures.

There are steps leading into the middle of the pond that has a little green island with cute live turtles and ducks scattered around. Some pictures in the middle of the pond would look great if you’re looking for a fairy-core aesthetic!

Not to mention, the top of this garage has another great spot for photos if you want a skyline view.

The Den

Last but not least, I don’t think you can ever go wrong with some pictures at The Den. The campus bar is known for its indoor aesthetics and it’s the perfect place to showcase you’ve had a good time.

The low lighting indoors can provide for some lively photos while the benches outside can give room for solo or group pictures. The wood aesthetic of the place gives it a homey, cabin feel that is unique to the campus.

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