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Big as Texas experienced a classic Texan rainstorm featuring performances by thunder and lightning. However, the final day of the festival must go on.

Unfortunately, Smithfield and The Heels were unable to perform due to the heavy afternoon downpour, and many outdoor vendors had to pack up their tents.

While waiting out the storm, Vendors like The Texas Pie Guy were still holding up at the indoor station, showing off his selection of steamed pies.

Kate Watson, while having a late start, was able to beat the rain and provide festival-goers with a display of both her guitar and vocal skills. As a Conroe native, Watson gave the audience a performance fueled by the sounds of family and home to kick off the festival at the Armadillo stage.

Braxton Keith played the Jackelope stage with bass-heavy tracks and somber smooth melodies fitting for the weather. The crowd went crazy for a performance of their most recent track “Cozy” as the rain began to lessen.

Scotty Alexander came out swinging with fast-paced boot-stomping tunes. Solos from the guitarist hyped up the crowd while Alexander himself played a mean fiddle that could rival that one time the devil went down to Georgia.

Jamestown Revival introduced an accordion and a grand piano into their arrangement for the concert, layering each instrument for a funky and melodic experience.

Anne Wilson came out to a roar of cheers from the crowd at the Armadillo stage, singing about God and country. Her vocal performance had the audience swaying and singing along like it was Sunday service. Electric guitarist solos provided pops of energy into the calm that made the audience cheer even more.

49 Winchester played to a sizeable crowd at the Jackelope stage, performing hits both new, old and unreleased. The crowd was wild. The lead singer played guitar and switched guitars with each song while showing off his mastery of both acoustic and electric. The set offered high-energy keyboard solos from Tim Hall.

Drake Milligan gave the Armadillo stage a packed house with his performance. He thanked his mother in the crowd while asking the audience where the moms were at. He then burst into song with his band, working together to provide Western Swing tunes.

Milligan shook things up performance-wise with his exaggerated and high-energy movements across the stage, playing back-to-back with the guitarist. He was Elvis and Johnny Cash rolled into one, and the audience couldn’t get enough of him.

Morgan Wade called back to Braxton Keith as they provided smooth and slow tunes at the Jackelope stage. This slower pace allowed for the wild and energetic solos from the guitar and drums to stand out. They gave the audience a change of pace by ditching the guitar and expressing her vocal talents through a cover of “Jessie’s Girl” and “Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love Tonight.”

Midland came out as the final set on the Armadillo stage and stole the show. Before their performance, the lead took time to thank the crowd directly while hopping across the barricade speakers. After throwing his pick into the crowd, and raising a toast to mothers, the others joined him on the speakers for their performance. They played their hits like “21st Century Honky Tonk American Band” and showed a sneak peek of a song from the newest album they have been working on for two years.

Dierks Bentley closed the Jackelope stage with acoustic strumming and vocals with intermittent guitar solos. Bentley was introduced with a music-synced light show. Before the performance he reflected on the 7 Peaks festival he was a part of and congratulated the audience for being one of the first to experience this new festival.

Things kicked up when Bentley was given his favorite instrument to perform with, the red solo cup. He brought the party vibes with high-energy music and a beer shotgun contest against two audience members that he called a tie.

The final day of Big As Texas was a grand show of dual talents, band synergy and the unwavering Texas spirit. Goes to show that good times can be had, rain or shine. Here’s to the next one!


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