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Luke Hemmings’ newest album “boy” is a long-awaited release after his solo debut album “When Facing the Things We Turn Away From.” With only seven songs on “boy,” Hemmings manages to encapsulate his twenties in a way that resonates with a lot of fans who have grown up listening to him.

This new album focuses on his struggles with fame, anxiety, his wife and the longing of wanting to stay in a moment that is bound to end. Here is a veteran 5SOS’er take on his new album. 

I’m Still Your Boy

The slow start really sets the pace for the entire album. The guitar strumming and the ominous-like instrumentals reflect heavily on the lyrics that beg for the listener to see that he’s still the same despite all the time that has passed. This song is clearly an ode to his wife with the references to Orlando but it can also be a song dedicated to his younger self, grieving his past mistakes and time lost due to addictive substances.


One of the first songs that came out before the actual release of the album, it gave listeners a peek at what’s in store for the rest of the tracklist. “Shakes” puts in perspective the longing for someone and being unable to put away your feelings for them. Out of all the songs on the album, this could be the most relatable for a lot of listeners. The desperation in Hemmings’ voice as he sings “I just wanna be yours” is clear as day. 


Dedicated to his brother, “Benny” talks about staying close to your family amidst all the fame. With lyrics like “I can see you in photos // That’s where I wanna be // In the face of a stranger // The guilt is all I can see,” Hemmings clearly feels like he has missed a lot of milestones with his family while he’s on the other side of the world pursuing his dream. Although celebrities can have “everything” in terms of money and commodities, none of that can replace family and close relationships.

Close My Eyes

Nostalgia is a common feeling whenever you enter a new decade in your life. For Hemmings, he was saying goodbye to his 20s yet still trying to live in the moment but struggling to do so. When you feel a memory ending, there is a deep tug at your heart to try and take everything in all at once to the point where you’re drowning in future nostalgia. This song is able to capture this feeling.

Garden Life

A lyric that summarizes this song is “I feel most alive staring out your window.” “Garden Life” summarizes a dreamy life filled with small moments that are worth living for. With the hectic life that comes about living with fame, something as simple as staring out a window can feel so healing and unifying. Hemmings seems to appreciate those moments more than the grander ones in life.

Close Enough To Feel You

A personal favorite, this song highlights wanting to be with someone who only causes you pain. Despite all the pain this person brings you, you’d rather feel the pain of knowing them than not knowing them at all. The dream-like instrumentals follow the theme of the album where Hemmings seems to be blinded by his desires, wants and needs rather than thinking logically about the situation. 


This final song is about relishing in the moment with someone who makes you the best version of yourself after struggling with mental health. Hemmings has always been vocal about his struggles with mental health, and the idea of “promises” is him placing faith in a person even though he’s filled with negative thoughts. He’s finally choosing to see the good rather than the bad. 

Hemmings’ album is able to encapsulate so many feelings that come with growing older which is one of the reasons his music is able to resonate with so many people. “boy” is the end of an era for Hemmings, and his next album will hopefully give us another look inside his mind.

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