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713 Music Hall filled every seat in the building for the twelfth stop on the Mother Mother and Cavetown co-headline tour.

Meet Me @ The Altar opened the show with their tracks “Parallel Lines” and “Beyond My Control.” Lead singer Edith Victoria then announced a Lesbian roll call that the audience gladly answered with cheers.

The group continued the set with “Try,” “Same Language” and “T.M.I” providing pop punk perfection. Ending their set with “Kool,” they asked for a “hell yeah” in preparation for the headliners, to which guests responded accordingly.

Lit by rainbow lights and surrounded by roars from the crowd, Cavetown hopped on and around the enormous tree trunk platform with electric guitar in hand to perform “Sweet Tooth,” “fall in love with a girl” and “Lemon Boy.”

Cavetown asked the audience for a show of thumbs up to read the room’s energy and led a group cheer of “yippee” before performing “a kind thing to do,” “alone” and their cover of “circle the drain.”

After the instrumentals died down, the English singer-songwriter asked the crowd if they liked frogs. After a resounding yes, a man in a frog suit hopped on stage to deliver a keyboard while fans chanted “froggy,” leading to a performance of “frog.” Midway through the performance, Cavetown unfurled a pride flag and waved it high before kneeling with another guitarist to perform “Guilty.”

A Trans flag was passed to Cavetown who then wore it as a cape for the remainder of the show. The end of the set featured notable hits “This Is Home,” “Boys Will Be Bugs” and “Devil Town.”

Guests shook the house with every lyric sung alongside the headliner. With their set closed, Cavetown gathered all the supporting musicians to the tree trunk, bowed out and tossed both flags into the crowd for a few lucky fans to leave with a souvenir of this indie-pop experience.

Under cover of darkness and a wash of dim blue light, Mother Mother arrived on stage and instantly gave the audience a performance of “Hayloft II.” Molly Guldemond and Jasmine Parkin provided angelic vocals and Ryan Guldemond strummed solos while they each played at the edge of the stage, almost leaning into the crowd.

They continued with “The Matrix,” “Problems,” “Explode!,” “Back To Life” and “Body” dedicating the latter track to a member of the audience.

Guldemond then set the stage for Molly’s solo vocal performance on Sleep Awake, stating the importance of family and how this was the first song he wrote for his sister. The band then lined up at the front of the stage with acoustic instruments for “Dirty Town,” “Ghosting,” “Little Pistol,” “Oh Ana” and “Wrecking Ball.” 

Mother Mother took a moment to speak to the artists in the crowd, motivating them to keep up their craft while reflecting on the band’s own hardships. They returned to electric instruments for “Verbatim” with a guitar synced lightshow transition into their hit song “Hayloft,” with Jasmine Parkin covering a few verses from Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games,” before exploding back into “Hayloft.” 

The crowd demanded an encore through their shared chants, and Mother Mother delivered with “Grief Chapter” and “Burning Pile” before being played out by Queen’s “We Are the Champions.”


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