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Historically, queer characters in the media have been drastically under-represented and demonized, especially bisexuality. When there is queer representation, bisexual characters are often depicted as hypersexual and non-monogamous individuals that cannot control their sexual desires. Author of the webcomic...

Figuring out who you are is hard, and if you realize that you may be queer that leads to a whole new world of things to learn about. One of those things is queer focused sex ed. How does queer sex work? What about STD prevention? School sure didn’t teach it.

Think of a movie or TV show with a queer couple. What’s their age difference? Are they respected by their peers? Are they having a lot of sex? While there’s nothing wrong with queer people having a lot of sex, often that’s what media focuses on. When queer people on screen are over portrayed having sex it can hurt...

Adding to the ranks of LGBTQ+ musicians FLETCHER is gaining popularity with her songs "Cherry," and "girls girls girls."

There are millions of books out there, but very few focus on queer relationships - even less on sapphic ones. We found five you should read.