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With the show of queer represenation constantly growing, Cari Fletcher, more commonly known as FLETCHER, is an artist who is striving to give queer kids and anyone in the LGBTQ+ community (good) representation, which is seen through her recent releases of “girls girls girls” and “Cherry,” featuring Hayley Kiyoko.

“Cherry” was teased and promoted for multiple weeks before fans were given a release date. FLETCHER first hinted to fans that she would be making a song with Kiyoko, but it wasn’t until a few weeks later when the pair posted clips of the song when fans’ suspicions were confirmed.

The song was finally dropped, and fans were not disappointed, with some users saying that it was “the most iconic collaboration that the LGBT community ever needed.”

“girls girls girls” samples Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl,” and FLETCHER stated that another line in the song was inspired by an interaction she had in 2019 with Taylor Swift.

While the styles of the songs are musically different, some of the lyrics are similar. FLETCHER has stated that “Cherry” serves as the prequel to “girls girls girls,” which is easily seen with lyric parallels, one of the most noticeable being “Your hands and you’re pulling my jeans” from “Cherry,” and “I put my finger through the loop of your jeans” from “girls girls girls.”

In September of last year, FLETCHER released her EP, “The S(EX) Tapes,” and since then, has not announced another EP, but has announced a tour and released other songs aside from “girls girls girls” and “Cherry.”

Her North American tour sold out within minutes of tickets onsale to the general public, and after upgrading venues, only a few spots are left for her European tour. G Flip and Julia Wolf are joining her North American tour, and UPSAHL on the European tour.
Since her EP release, FLETCHER has also dropped “Healing,” leading her fans to speculate when she will announce another EP, or possibly even a full-length album.

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