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What you missed at the So What?! Music Fest

What you missed on day 2 of the So What?! Music festival in Arlington.

A review of what you missed on day 1

Got any memorial weekend plans? Check out So What?!

If you’re not big on going outside, but you still want to enjoy summer, video games are a great option to consider. An even better idea are video games those simulate that soothing summer feelings.

For April Fool's Day we had our resident April fool make a comic to celebrate.

John Mulaney performed at the Toyota Center Saturday night to a packed crowd. While the jokes were different, the laughs were the same.

With the first lines of “Demolition Lovers,” the final song off My Chemical Romance’s first album, the lore and speculation over the couple referenced in the song was born. 

Cullen Performance Hall is reopening as COVID-19 cases decline. New shows and a new director may mean new directions for the performance hall.

"Hamilton" has started their Houston run at the Hobby Center. While the show no longer has their original, iconic cast, the new cast makes sure this hit musical is still just that: a hit.