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Madison Sinclair’s life rapidly changed when TikTok turned an inside joke into a full-fledged business. BUGGIRL200 is now famous for their novelty, ironic t-shirts and accessories. Cooglife chatted with Sinclair about the process of transforming from UH student to successful business owner and the journey of...

When you get restless in your dorm room, we can’t ever condone breaking UH Housing’s rules or policies to cure your boredom. So, here’s how to not turn your on-campus bedroom into a tattoo studio.

Lion Brand has released a yarn in collaboration with hit show Schitt's Creek. We received some samples to try out and review.

Instead of attempting to paint a delicate French nail by hand or pay someone else to, have you ever thought of buying a stamp instead? We did.

If you're an avid crocheter, or at least know the basics, and you're still looking for something to wear for Christmas, Cynthia has the solution.

Shopping is hard, and its even harder when you wait until the week before Christmas. We made a list of small businesses to find unique gifts.

Dressing for the holidays means dressing to impress - and sequins. But where does sustainability come into the equation?

Have you ever been intrigued by those weird hair tutorials you see on Tik Tok? Our Cynthia Zelaya tried out a hair noodle.

Staying clean and smelling nice can be difficult to do while camping, and even more difficult at the Texas Renaissance Festival. We compiled a few tips to help.

If your heart is full of cougar pride, but your wallet is empty, and on top of all that you're still looking for a costume - we have you covered.