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Some people have the Super Bowl, some have the Oscars, but others have the Met Gala. On Monday, May 6, celebrities, fashion representatives and influencers alike took the blue and white carpet to celebrate the latest exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion.”

The theme of this exhibit being shown in the Costume Institute is meant to show archives and how fashion has evolved through history, including its rebirth. The show will feature pieces such as an Elizabethan bodice and a Vionnet dress from the World War II era.

Many may confuse the exhibit theme with the theme of the gala itself, but the dress code for this Met was “The Garden of Time” based on a short story by J.G. Ballard of the same title in 1962. The story goes into details of a dystopia and the effects of time and nature itself.

With the word “garden” involved, viewers know going in that designers and stylists would shoot for florals, but that doesn’t fully encompass this year’s theme for all it is. So, take a look at some of Cooglife’s top Met looks of 2024.


One of the queens of the Met Gala and a 2024 co-chair, Zendaya never disappoints with a look. She always shows up on theme, and this year was no exception when she stunned with two looks on the carpet.

The first look captures the theme resembling the decay of the garden of time. There are natural elements and the color scheme really ties everything together. The second look almost reflects a final form of the first. If the first look was showing the decay, the second look completes the transformation, yet also represents a rebirth in the flowers on her head.


This is how a Met debut is done. Not only was this the perfect silhouette for her figure and shared so much of her personality, but the inspiration of the sands of time tying into the theme is a fantastic fit. Down to the hourglass purse, Tyla understood the assignment.

Mona Patel

Deemed the woman without a name for the majority of the night, many Met watchers were trying desperately to find out who the woman in one of the most stunning dresses of the night was. Mona Patel was the one with the waves of fabric shaped behind her and the butterflies moving on her arm. Law Roach styling this outfit was not a surprise at all when you consider how good it is.

Emma Chamberlain

Another year as one of Vogue’s co-hosts live on the carpet, Chamberlain is moving from her Youtuber roots and creating a name for herself in the fashion world. The look for the night embodied the dark themes of “The Garden of Time” and aimed to represent the thorny parts over the florals.

Wisdom Kaye

Another stunning Met debut came from fashion influencer and model Wisdom Kaye. It’s usually a little harder for men to end up on lists like this, but Kaye continues to set the bar high beyond just stunting in a black suit. The burn and distressing details fitted on his cape tie into the theme graciously.

Barry Keoghan

Another man to grace the list, this is not the first time Keoghan has managed to impress with men’s fashion at the Met. In this look, he perfectly ties into the theme and even resembles the main character Count Axel from “The Garden of Time.” Make the “Wonka” jokes all you want, but the details were impressive.

Lana Del Rey

Truly “Into The Woods” meets “Yellowjackets” meets perfection, Lana Del Rey has never met a Met Gala carpet that didn’t like her. The netting and the details all throughout the look, including the branches, the fabric and the rose ring she held up all told a beautiful story to fit the theme.

Demi Moore and Harris Reed

The actress and designer duo represented both the light and the dark tones of the theme this year while sporting structurally beautiful pieces. The whole point of the Met is to highlight wearable art and really honor the creativity in fashion, and Reed’s dresses did just that.

Dua Lipa

With the tattered and gothic look, Dua Lipa channels the villainous aura that people may forget comes linked when it comes to “The Garden of Time.” The image of destruction almost highlights the perseverance and resilience of the remaining tatters of clothes still holding on. Not to mention, the intricate designs in the lace skirt only add more and more.

Mindy Khaling

While this look is not the most out there or hitting the nail right on the head for the theme, the curve and design of this dress are enough to have it on this list for sure. It leaves viewers refusing to look away and it is a look made to stick in your mind.

Teyana Taylor

Coming full speed ahead with a dress that stands out, glam that stays on theme and a face card that does not decline, Taylor blooms on the carpet. The details and the velvety material does a good job of painting a historical picture for this look like Taylor was trapped in a time.

Sabrina Harrison

One of the most unique looks of the night, Harrison conveyed an emphasis on the “time” element with what seems to be an inspiration from Dali’s painting “The Persistence of Memory.” The gold palette matches the opulence the short story tells of and the sundial headpiece makes for the perfect story arc.

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