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Rooming with your besties may seem like a fun idea at first, but if you aren’t compatible roommates you could ruin a friendship. Before you decide to room together read this article arguing against it.

The Metropolitan Volunteer Program aims to connect UH students and the Greater Houston area through volunteer partnerships.

As you debate on what to change about yourself for 2022, exclude losing weight.

"Spider-Man: No Way Home" not only gives fans everything they wanted, but cements Tom Holland as the best live action Spider-Man.

Students need time to relax during the fall semester, so why do we have a spring break, but not a fall break?

Applying for jobs is stressful. You go in knowing you are likely going to be rejected over and over again, and yet you still spend the time to tailor your resume for each application. When you think about having to write a different cover letter for each of these applications only to beg the hiring manager to review...

Just because you graduated with a major in one field, doesn’t mean you have to work in that field for the rest of your life, or ever if you don’t want to.

Spooky season doesn't start in September and people need to stop acting like it does. On that note, chill out with the Christmas in November.

I have to be honest, I’m a little bit nervous about finding the right words to perfectly say goodbye to my time here as Executive Editor.

Dear Blue Lives, You solemnly swore that you would protect and serve our communities. Though nothing is as self-serving as taking the life of another; a mother, a brother, or a lover. Your badge of honor becomes extinct when you haul around a holster of false promises. Leaving us nothing except remnants of agony,...