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As a repercussion of the world flipping upside down in March, college internships are limited. Many students are struggling to gain job experience. Luckily, there are plenty of things students can still do to dazzle employers and make the best of these circumstances.

Join a student organization related to your career

The University of Houston has more than 500 organizations that students can join through the Get Involved page. These cover a wide range of interests, professions and colleges at the University.

By joining organizations related to your career field, you can showcase your skills and interest in the area. For example, an advertising student could join the American Advertising Federation. Or, health students could join the Health Students Association. Whatever your interests are or hopeful career paths are—there are plenty of opportunities to find a perfect fit on campus.

Create an online portfolio

Students can use Wix.com to create a free website that shows off all their accomplishments and experiences in one place. When you create an online portfolio, you should have an introduction tab, a tab to show off your work, and a tab with your experience and a downloadable resume.

Each tab should be short and concise but highlight everything an employer should know. If you have any second party websites that have proof of your experience, such as research you’ve done or articles you’ve written, link them to your portfolio website as well.

Start a Youtube channel or promote your work on social media

If you enjoy being creative, starting a YouTube channel or promoting your work on social media could be a fun way to show off your experience.

Posting videos or podcasts to your YouTube channel where you perform career-related skills or talk about your profession can be an engaging way to showcase your experience and communication skills. For example, a student who studies business could make videos that show viewers how to save money, tricks to starting a business, or what it means to be a business student and how this has helped them in life.

Also, using your social media to promote your professional experience and qualities can help you network. Start a professional Twitter account and Facebook page. You can post links to your work samples, talk about your career and connect with others in your field.

Take free LinkedIn Learning courses

UH offers free LinkedIn Learning courses that students can take to build their professional knowledge and skills. LinkedIn also offers assessments in different skills that appear on your profile to potential employers. If you’d like to prove your expertise in your career, this is the way to go.

Times may be tough, but there are still ways you can show you’re resilient and ready for your future career.

Graphic by Juana Garcia

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