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What’s up Coogs! OMG! WandaVision gave us so much to talk about. Episode four spotlights Monica Rambeau’s (Teyonah Parris) character and the events that led to her involvement in WandaVision. Several series questions got answered this week, but many new ones popped up so let’s dive right in! 

Sadly, this week there was no decade jumping in the WandaVision sitcom. I know, I know we are all saddened by this, but it’s ok because this time around we get to visit the present-day Marvel Universe. 

(Now like I’ve said before I won’t mention spoilers at the top of the review if they happen in the episode. However, I have to talk about last week’s ending because they are major parts of the show now. So, if you haven’t seen last week’s episodes, you’ve been warned!)

Marvel lets the audience know that things have taken a turn for the series by giving us a haunting cold open. The scene depicts Monica Rambeau’s return after being blipped and the sheer chaos that ensued with everyone simultaneously returned all at once. 

We then get to see Monica try to assimilate back into her old life as a S.W.O.R.D. agent. This is when we get introduced to Director Tylor Hayward, an old friend of Monica and her mother. So, let me just go ahead and say this now, this guy is completely fishy and a total creep. He could have cleared Monica to enter the building but instead, set it up so he comes flying in like a white knight just to throw his title and power around.

There is a clear power struggle between Monica and Tyler, it will be interesting to see if Hayward turns out to be a villain later. But enough on Hayward let’s talk about the man of the hour, Agent Jimmy Woo!

Joining this adventure is none other than the loveable FBI agent Jimmy Woo played by Randall Park (Guys he learned close-up magic!) On loan from Marvel’s Ant-Man franchise, Woo is looking for a mysterious missing person. The identity of the missing person was not revealed so I have a feeling this might come into play later down the line. Although Wanda is the main focus of the series we don’t know if she’s a villain, a victim or both.  Monica and Jimmy could be the shining heroes of the series. 

Another refreshing addition to the series is Kat Denning’s character, Darcy Lewis. The wisecracking astrophysicist joins the cast to analyze the phenomena at Westview. Lewis hasn’t made an appearance in the MCU since Thor: The Dark World. And proving just how much of a boss she is, Lewis discovers the “broadcast” signal that we the audience have all been watching. 

The beauty of this episode is that Marvel gave us answers early in the series. It answered questions that the show posed at the beginning of the series before moving on to new ones. In an interview, Kevin Feige stated that WandaVision was broken up into three acts. If this is true, we are done with the first act and entering the second. We now know who the man in the beekeeper suit was, what the small colored toy helicopter was, whose voice it was calling out to Wanda on the radio. We also learned how Monica ended up inside of the television show. And it turns out that Darcy Lewis was the person watching and recording the WandaVision broadcast. 

Now if you’ve been keeping up with our little in-review series you might have noticed that I keep spoilers and theories that I have about the show on the bottom of each review. So, nothing was more satisfying when I saw Jimmy Woo do the same thing on a dry erase board (Vindication!). 

The rest of the episode revolves around the team trying to identify the residents of Westview. However, the interesting point here is the resident of Westview they couldn’t identify. The eagle-eyed viewer will spot something that gives traction to one of my biggest theories of the show. Agnes isn’t who she appears to be!

Now as for the end of this episode, it is actually dedicated to revealing the end of the previous episode’s climactic unseen finish. And oh boy what a finish, thankfully we didn’t have to wait long to see what really happened in those shocking moments. This was another brilliant episode by Marvel, this series continues to get better with each episode. I have a feeling that this limited series will have audiences craving for more seasons that may never come.  

Final Verdict: 9/10


(Let’s talk about the big themes and mysteries in the series)

  • Director Tylor Hayward
    • Do not like this guy, he is either up to something or just a complete %$#@…well I can’t say here but you get the picture. 
  • Astronauts that disappeared.
    • Are they talking about the Fantastic Four?
  • Who is the missing person Jimmy Woo is looking for?
    • We don’t get his name or a photograph, will this be a surprise reveal later in the series.
    • Why doesn’t anyone remember him? 
  • Why does no one remember Westview?
    • The cops don’t know about the town even though they are standing in front of a giant sign.
    • Did Wanda create the town or are her powers protecting the town.
  • Hayward knows too much.
    • How does he know what CMBR (Cosmic Background Radiation) is? He’s the director of S.W.O.R.D., a suit. How would he know the same things an astrophysicist knows? 
  • The town is a Hex?
    • Again, what’s with all the hexagonal shapes?
  • Why is there no identity for Agnes on the board??
    • Does this confirm the theory that she is Agatha Harkness? I think it does!!!
  • Skrulls?
    • Jimmy Woo has Skrulls on the whiteboard, does this lead into the upcoming Secret Invasion arc?
  • Who edited the broadcast?
    • When Darcy watches the broadcasted version of the show outside of Westview, she has a different version that we the audience gets to see. Why the edit? And who edited it?
  • HE’S DEAD!!
    • What did we just SEE!?! Is Wanda just reanimating Vision’s corpse or was that a figment of her imagination?
  • Trouble in Paradise?
    • Vision has broken character and questioned the reality of the WandaVision universe before. However, each time it’s happened Wanda reset or rewound time. Walking off with the baby, Wanda did not notice the terrified and concerned look on Vision’s face. Will this start to sow the seed of distrust between the happy couple? He has a worried look on his face, will Vision break free of Wanda’s control?
  • “It’s Wanda, it’s all Wanda”
    • Is Marvel fooling us all with fan service and crazy theories? Is Wanda the sole source of the phenomena in Westview? 
    • Wanda does look into Vision’s eyes and tells him “I have everything under control.”

Photo is a promotional photo of Marvel Studio’s ‘WandaVision’, which airs every Friday on Disney Plus

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