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The universal question many college students and even those who have graduated will ask themselves is: what do I want to be when I grow up?

The answer may take a little bit of time to come up with, as deciding the course of the rest of your life is a big decision, but it can be made a lot easier by first narrowing down a field.

  1. What is going to be your first step into joining the workforce?
    A. Try some internships while I’m in school and build my resume up before I graduate
    B. Get at least an undergraduate degree and figure out where to go from there
    C. I plan to go for my masters after undergrad to specify what exactly I want to do
    D. All of the school, if there’s a title that can go after my name, I want it
    E. I want to try a trade school after undergrad, that seems more up my alley
  2. In a group project, what role do you take?
    A. I would take a backseat, basically, if someone gave me a task I would do my part and be done
    B. I would be the one that could handle the creative tasks like drawing a figure or designing the presentation
    C. I would be the group leader, delegating the tasks to everyone and offering a deadline
    D. I would be the one presenting the project once it is done
    E. I would stick to the research aspect of the project
  3. How do you feel about an office job?
    A. I don’t think it would be necessary for what I want to do, I love moving around and being on the go
    B. I can pretty much do a job from anywhere I’m needed, whether that be home or an office
    C. I think having an office and somewhere to go each day would give me structure
    D. I pretty much expect to have an office with whatever I end up doing
    E. I would be good without an office, more room to do tasks that aren’t at a computer
  4. What are your feelings towards manual labor?
    A. I would be willing to do it if required
    B. Not really for me, I am much more of an indoors, brain not brawn type of person
    C. A minimal amount of manual labor is fine for me
    D. Depends what manual labor you mean, I would be good with keeping my hands busy, but not lifting/moving heavy objects and what not
    E. I would prefer manual labor over sitting still; I would be just fine with it
  5. How often would you want to interact with people?
    A. I think I would do better reaching people virtually rather than having co-workers or customers, I would prefer followers or an audience
    B. I would prefer as little interaction with anyone as possible
    C. I like being part of a team, having co-workers I can call friends or having interactions with the same people everyday
    D. I like meeting new people and building relationships with people, as well as just having casual acquaintances who need my services
    E. I would be okay with interacting with as few or as many people as needed
  6. Have you always known what path you would take for a career?
    A. Not at all, I am still looking for what interests can become my career in the long run
    B. There were a few path changes along the way, but I think I’ve determined I want to do what makes me happy more than what someone else thinks is “successful”
    C. I have had a passion for particular paths for a while now, I want to do what I like and what will give me the most security
    D. I have pretty much known what I wanted to do since I was a kid and have not changed my mind about it one bit
    E. I’m okay with taking a path I may not have originally planned for, I am open to any options


Mostly A’s: You would fit best in a career that doesn’t fit a certain schedule. A path that would allow you to travel or go with the flow, while letting you live your life for more than just work. Some examples of this can be an influencer on social media, a travel blog writer, working at local shops that give you open hours.

Mostly B’s: Your path lets you tap into your creative side and allow your passion to provide for you. You would best fit in a career that does not feel like ‘work’ so to say. Some examples of this are getting involved in the film industry, creating art, writing in different means whether it be journalistic, creative or business related.

Mostly C’s: You like a bit of structure and would prefer a career that fits the mold of your life. A path that could be able to give you this as well as some stability would be ideal. Some examples of what may fit you include going into education, engineering or working your way up at a company.

Mostly D’s: You have always had your eye on the path to success in the means of financial stability, respect and accomplishment. A career that would fit you is something you have always been told would lead to good things. Some examples of this include going into the health field, trying your hand at law or even going into tech.

Mostly E’s: You were meant for the path that breaks tradition to what everyone deems as white collar. A career fit for you involves getting hands on experience and aiding the world to be a better place. Some examples of what could be good for you are construction, getting into oil or even working with boats if you live near water.

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