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Spring break is the time where you lament, “I have all of this time and I don’t know what to do with it besides turning in all my late work!” 

Fear not as there are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities to do over break.

Outdoor activities

This week the weather is perfect for going outside. This can take the form of exercising or going out to a fun place with friends or family. 

Start the day with a long walk or a session of running around in circles in an open field. Follow this with forty minutes of chasing squirrels or digging holes and your mind will be fresh and ready for the day ahead.

One can also go to one of Houston’s bounty of parks and play a passionate game of tag. If you are feeling spicy, play a game of freeze tag instead. While you are at the park with a friend and have them throw a tennis ball for you to chase after and return to their hand.

You can also go out to eat! Houston has a boatload of restaurants and cafes to explore. Bring a friend to split the bill and share the memories. Don’t mind driving? Take me to the grocery store, I promise I will be in and out quickly.

Indoor activities

While you could go out to the theater to see a movie, there are plenty of fabulous movies and shows available at your fingertips. Call a friend or close relative and boot up the boob tube to watch some hilarious half hour programs. 

I recommend the shows “Man Seeking Woman,” “Abbott Elementary” and “The Smiling Friends.” I also recommend watching “The End of Victorious” on YouTube, preferably all in one sitting. If you are looking for a movie to watch with the boys I recommend “Secretary” for free on Tubi.

To get away from the screen I recommend drawing pictures. Use paints, pencils or whatever else you can find to indulge in this calming activity. Find a plant or a rectangle and draw it as many times as possible on one page. Look at a person and draw them with your eyes closed.

Reading is a fun way to pass the time. Right now I am reading “Multicultural Psychology: Understanding Our Diverse Communities” by Jeffery Scott Mio, Lori A. Baker, Melaine M. Domenech Rodriguez and John Gonzalez. It’s for a class. If web comics are more your speed I recommend reading ”Octopus Pie” by Meredith Gran, ”The Girl that Can’t Get a Girlfriend” by Mieri Hiranishi, ”Momlife comics” by Mary Catherine Star or any comic by Branson Reese.

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