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Warmest regards. Hope you are well. As many in the yarn community may already be aware, Lion Brand has partnered with Schitt’s Creek to create a beautiful line of yarns inspired by the hit television series. Lion Brand was kind enough to send us here at Cooglife some samples to review, and we’re here to deliver.

The Schitt’s Creek yarn collection has eight different colors for you to choose from, as well as cute little leather tags so accessorize your designs with. To draw you further into the show’s world, Lion Brand has created a small army of patterns for fans of the show. They are based on specific characters, references to the show and fun quotes. To start this review series, I’ll be making the Moira Rose Beret in “Hide Your Diamonds” and “Black Crow.” 

Photo by Cynthia Isabel Zelaya Ordoñez

True to the character, the Moira Rose beret is made in black and white exclusively. It is simultaneously chic and overly complex. The complex part became clear to me when I saw the beret would be made in brioche stitches and loop stitches. Personally, I’ve attempted and failed projects with the brioche stitch about three times before, but I was determined to succeed this time. 

Photo by Cynthia Isabel Zelaya Ordoñez

The pattern was clear enough, but I had a frustrating time following its instructions to create the brioche stitch. I was mad and sore two hours later when I decided to give up on the pattern and learn the stitch through some YouTube videos. After some tutorial, trial-and-error and tears, I finally got the ball rolling. And my, is the final effect beautiful. 

Photo by Cynthia Isabel Zelaya Ordoñez

Next came the body of the beret, all in loop stitches. I say this was complicated, not because the loop stitch is particularly difficult to understand, but because this portion of the beret is made in solid black. As we all know, black is the hardest color to work with, since it’s so hard to get a good stitch definition with the color. Although I understand that the definition is not necessarily the most important thing in this project, it is to me as a creator. 

True to my concerns, I had a lot of difficulty seeing where I was knitting at times. I know for a fact there are a lot of mistakes in that beret. Lucky for me, black loop stitches are very forgiving, so I’m sure no one can tell. There was a knitting needle casualty, though. I was surprised, as these were the ones Lion Brand recommended be used with the project. But no worries, things happen. A quick trip to the craft store supplied me with a $2 pair that was surprisingly stronger and easier to work with. 

Photo by Cynthia Isabel Zelaya Ordoñez

Finishing the hat was easy enough. The pattern calls for the addition of a fluffy while pom pom, but I decided to skip it due to personal taste. 

Photo by Cynthia Isabel Zelaya Ordoñez

The final result is a nice, dramatic beret that screams Moira Rose. 

Upon completion, I can say that the beret was truly an intermediate project, but not impossible to complete. The colors of the yarn are crisp and true, falling in perfect contrast to each other. I will be serving looks in my new beret. I encourage you to try this pattern if you’re up for a stimulating yet small project, or if you just want to try these iconic new yarns. 

Since it’s a small project, you can make the whole thing using only two skeins. The yarn was a solid 9/10 as far as acrylics go. The pattern and final product was a 7/10 for me, but I can see a more experienced knitter rating it an 8/10. Overall, a stimulating project. I recommend it. Happy knitting, bebes.

@cynthia_zelaya _ | Executive Editor 2022-2023 | Assistant Editor 2021-2022

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