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WolffFest 2022 took place from March 29 to March 31 in Butler Plaza. Were you there? If not, condolences. Let me fill you in on what you missed. 

WolffFest is an annual food festival organized by the WolffDen, a Bauer organization that allows a select number of students to grow entrepreneurship skills through real-world experiences. The profit earned goes to fund scholarships for young business students. 

Featured in the tasty lunch line-up were big chain staples like Cane’s, Amy’s Ice Cream, Wingstop and Tim Horton’s. 

Photo by Cynthia Isabella Zelaya Ordoñez

But never fear! There were also some local treasures like Crawfish Shack and YoYo’s Hotdogs. There was also an excess of drinks like horchata, boba and lemonade. Vendors announced their wares through megaphones, occasionally engaging in banter with each other from across the plaza. 

Photo by Cynthia Isabella Zelaya Ordoñez

In addition to the feast, games like a 3-point basketball game and cornhole were scattered across the festival. But my favorite feature were the vendors that weren’t selling food, oddly enough. Call me a material girl (because I am), but something about tangible things I can keep forever over an edible item that’ll be gone in an hour will always have a solid grasp on my heart. 

Photo by Cynthia Isabella Zelaya Ordoñez

A tent labeled “Soulful” hosted a small record shop and mini thrift shop within. I scored a beautiful, flowy silver dress. At The Crowns Bespoke Jewelry, I met the owners and got a demonstration of how they make their custom necklaces. The clearance section caught my eye, and I couldn’t help but buy a ring.

Photo by Cynthia Isabella Zelaya Ordoñez

If you missed out on Wolffest this year, don’t make that mistake again. The food was delicious and plentiful, the vibes were good, and the wares affordable and pretty. Every cent spent was well worth it. Sure, I got cool things and scrumptious food, but I also contributed to scholarships for Coogs.Let’s pay it forward in 2023. 

Cynthia is the assistant editor for Cooglife magazine, and is a graduate student

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