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The sun rose over Arlington for day 2 of the So What?! Music Festival to reveal a surprisingly clean festival ground and a slightly smaller morning crowd (likely due to people recovering from partying the night before.)

Many took time to browse through the expansive selection of vendors scattered throughout the grounds. Record labels like Fearless and Hopeless had featured booths, but clothing brands popular in the scene like BlackCraft and The Pretty Cult also set up booths. 

There was something for everyone when it came to food. You could choose from classic stadium food, but you could also head over to local food trucks for everything from refreshing fruit drinks to a bowl of hot pho to enjoy under the Texas sun. 

The day started off well. Those willing to push through their hangovers and the burning sun early were rewarded by mainstays like Travie McCoy and Stand Atlantic. Mothica took the stage around 2 p.m., pumping life into the crowd as she glided from one side of the stage to the other in a long, lacy black outfit. 

Veil of Maya took the stage a little before five. Mark Okubo commanded the crowd with his guitar, playing well off Lucas Magyar’s seasoned stage presence. 

On the lighter side of the musical spectrum, With Confidence drew attention to the Monster Energy stage, leading a suddenly bouncy crowd in pop punk choruses. 

Nothing Nowhere plays at So What?! Music Fest | Photo by Cynthia Isabella Zelaya Ordoñez

Meanwhile, Nothing, Nowhere played the Hot Topic Stage, setting a different but welcome vibe to the stage with his verses. Grandson followed soon after, opening with “6:00.” Grandson is a great crossover act, especially for fans who aren’t exclusively into the extreme ends of their respective genres. 

Knocked Loose brought the fire at the Stay Lit stage, as famous for their chaotic moshes as for their hardcore sound, many fans were thankful for the large space around the stage, using it as a head start for running or to keep some distance from the throng. 

Fans switched over to the Revolver stage next door to see The Fall of Troy. A mainstay in the scene since 2002, the Milwaukee trio rocked out to crowd pleasers. 

Grandson plays at So What?! Music Fest | Photo by Cynthia Isabella Zelaya Ordoñez

Other classic acts played on the stages outside. Hawthorne Heights commanded the Monster Energy Stage with ease, replicating a set they’ve mastered over time. Hits like “Ohio is for Lovers” certainly aided in helping fans get back into the Warped Tour mindset. 

Simple Plan and Sum 41 drew a crowd that organizers had clearly not been expecting seeing as they were on a smaller stage. Although they did not perform together, the two pop punk acts are touring together in celebration of their respective debut albums, both turning 20 this year. Fans climbed trees and tables to see their favorite bands. Others gave up on the chance of ever getting to see, and just spilled over to the sides, dancing where people walked.

Rae Sremmurd finished off the night with a rap set, bathed in flashy lights and effects. Anyone with energy left easily made it to the front, although most people were happy to stand and sit as the evening wound down. 

Day 2 of So What?! Music Fest went off well. Parking was a hassle, according to many concert-goers. The day coincided with a soccer game at a nearby stadium. A quick drive by the lots showed signs charging up to $80 for parking. But on the bright side, at least everyone got their steps in.

Cynthia is the Assistant Editor for Cooglife magazine

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